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    11 February 2021

    How To Use Your Internship To Make An Impact

    Hi there! My name is Mandy and I graduated from the Flight Centre Travel Academy (FCTA) in 2019.
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    13 August 2018

    Job Interview Advice You May Not Have Heard Before!

    Like the front row of a comedy show, a job interview can be an uncomfortable place, but go in well prepared and you’ll have the confidence to stand ou…
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    30 July 2018

    5 Exciting Global Cities To Work In

    Working abroad has become somewhat of a rite of passage for young Aussies, with many of us choosing to call our favourite global destinations “home” f…
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    22 October 2017

    5 Personality Traits Our Recruiters Are Looking For!

    There  are a number of obvious personality traits interviewers look out for when hiring someone for general sales roles – friendly, approachable, prob…
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    20 August 2017

    The 12 Most Popular Travel Industry Careers

    Being a travel agent isn't your only career option when looking to change into the travel industry.
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    6 August 2017

    Read (& Listen) Your Way To Success

    It takes a lot to be successful; persistence, patience and passion are just a few. But being successful can be kick-started with a little inspiration.…
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    11 May 2017

    How Our Short Courses Helped Daniel Get A Job With FC!

    From Logistics Management to Flight Centre Sandringham - our Short Course bundle graduate, Daniel Hills, is now living out his dream as a travel consu…
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    8 January 2017

    #JobPrep 4: How to network in the travel industry

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    27 November 2016

    Top 10 tips for students on a budget

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    20 November 2016

    #JobPrep 3: Interview fashion and grooming tips you can't live without

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