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Job Interview Advice You May Not Have Heard Before!


Like the front row of a comedy show, a job interview can be an uncomfortable place, but go in well prepared and you’ll have the confidence to stand out from the crowd. Get the edge over the other candidates with our interview advice you may not have heard before.


Dress to impress… and be remembered

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so not only is how you present yourself important, it’s also a chance to make yourself memorable among the other candidates. Choose professional attire appropriate for the position you’re interviewing for and try adding a bold colour or quirky accessory as a cause for remembrance. Let your personality shine through!


Keep your social media private

In this day and age, not much we do escapes a video memorial on the Internet, but keep in mind that employers will often stalk and scrutinise the social media profiles of any potential staff. Don’t let inappropriate posts from last weekend’s pub crawl ruin your job prospects, so consider deleting any questionable content that doesn’t paint you in the best light. Is your Instagram account the best character reference for you? Would Grandma Edna approve? If not, your new boss probably wouldn’t either. Delete it or set it to private.

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Use your age to your advantage

Going up against more experienced candidates when you’re first entering the workforce might seem fruitless, but your age can be used as an advantage in an interview. As a younger job seeker, you may not have the experience, but you’re energetic, motivated and eager to learn. You can bring a different mindset to the table and may have a more up-to-date education and knowledge of current industry trends, with recent schooling still fresh in your mind. You may have less family responsibilities allowing you the freedom to travel for the role, and the capacity to work longer hours when required. You know you have a lot to learn, but you’re ready!


Speak like a grown-up

Being put on the spot during interviews can be nerve-wracking, but it’s important to keep your head cool and your language professional. It can be tempting if the interviewer is of a similar age to you, but avoid saying “like”, and save the swearing for the next time your telco keeps you on hold. Prepare some answers to potential questions and practice a mock interview with a friend, paying close attention to your verbal and body language.


Send a handwritten ‘Thank You’ note

Take the time to thank your interviewer for the opportunity by writing a note with a real-life pen. Anyone can send an email, but a handwritten note delivered by snail mail will be appreciated and make a memorable impression.

Proper preparation and a positive attitude will help show potential employers that you’re the best candidate for the job. Good luck!


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