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Diploma of Travel and Tourism

Set yourself up for success in an industry full of opportunities.

Delivered in conjunction with our partner Torrens University Australia, the Diploma of Travel and Tourism has been designed to provide graduates with a broad base of travel and tourism knowledge and skills suitable for employment. Fully accredited by Torrens University Australia, this higher education Diploma is also the first year of a Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management) with Torrens. 

The Diploma of Travel and Tourism offers insight into the diverse tourism industry from knowledge provided first hand from Australia's largest travel company. The content delivered and systems students train on, are always current and in-line with the ever changing industry - providing graduates the edge when applying for a role. When you study with us, you are studying with the best.

Throughout the course, when opportunities arise, students are invited to work at industry events like travel expos and tourism body showcase nights. This experience gives students the chance to learn about different opportunities in the industry and create industry contacts.

Course Details


Full-time 36 weeks (2 semesters)
Part-time 72 weeks (4 semesters)



Full-time 8 (4 per semester)
Part-time 8 (2 per semester)


Intake Dates

1 intake per month.


Delivery Mode

Facilitated learning (in-class) and online* OR 100% online

*The in-class component will be 5 days approximately every 2 months, totalling 20 compulsory in-class days over the entire duration of the Diploma.



Up front or Fee-Help*

*For eligible students

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Entry Requirements

Completion of Year 12 (or equivalent) & online admission

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Course Structure

Semester 1

This subject gives students a wonderful introduction to the world of Travel. We take you on a journey through the evolution of some of the major travel industry sectors – you will learn all about airlines and how to get the most out of an airfare and with Super Sonic Travel on the horizon, the future is definitely an exciting place! You will experience an exclusive behind the scenes inspection of one of our partnered hotels and discover how hotels are now adapting to appeal to millennials, the most important consumer group for the travel industry. Your perceptions may be challenged after learning about the developments in the coach tour industry over the years and we take an in-depth look at cruise, the fastest growing industry sector at the moment.  After completing this subject, you will be able to “talk the travel industry talk” and impress your peers with your amazing knowledge on popular and emerging destinations!
In order to really understand "Tourism", we must first learn about the "Tourist". This subject does just that - we take an in-depth look in to the dynamic phenomenon of tourist behaviour and why it's crucial to obtain a good understanding of the psychology behind it. Learn about tourist typologies, the motivation behind why people travel and discover the journey from "desire to execution" along with the characteristics influencing tourist experiences.  You will be able to apply methods, techniques and technologies to deliver appropriate tourism management outcomes in the contemporary global environment.  We give you the opportunity to creatively, analytically and independently solve tourism management problems in a range of situations. You will also  explore the diverse interactions of tourists with tourism service providers, and how they assess and evaluate the tourist experience.
The secret to success in the travel Industry is having expert sales techniques and being confident when interacting with a customer. We will take you step by step through a 7 step sales process, which also happens to be very transferrable to other sales roles in many industries! We highlight the importance of each step and with this knowledge, you will be able to apply your specialised skills to a range of sales scenarios. Incorporating relevant travel products such as airlines, hotels, travel insurance and cruises, you will discover the technique of personalising the sales experience, how to handle buyer resistance (with a smile) and ultimately, how to gain the sale. This course also explores how to identify different customer types, make appropriate recommendations and increase customer loyalty within a travel and tourism context. 
This subject is the key to your academic success. We will introduce you to the concepts of effective modern communication methods and evaluate the use and importance of technology in both the internal and external business environment. You will also explore some of the communication challenges in a global world. Unlock your academic potential as you learn essential research and referencing skills, what it means to critically analyse and the appropriate language and writing styles to use for your assessments. You will also discover your own learning style, how to effectively manage your time and an introduction to our learning platform (Blackboard). You can then apply these skills throughout your whole Diploma!

Semester 2

In this subject, you will be exposed to contemporary technological trends implemented in the travel industry. You will learn about digital innovations, transformations and disruptors that have occurred within the travel and tourism industry. You will be introduced to online reservation systems widely used by the travel and tourism industry. An overview of CRM (customer relationship management) tools will be covered, which play an integral role in the customer service experience, and our essential tool for future travel professionals.
Reflecting on the evolution of marketing, you will gain a solid foundation in the marketing discipline, introducing relevant and contemporary concepts, theories and models. This highly transferrable subject magnifies the importance of understanding consumer behaviour, market segmentation, targeting and positioning, the extended marketing mix and ethics in marketing. Take a journey in to the world of promotions, advertising and public relations. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of different marketing techniques and how to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing strategies. You will also learn about how e-marketing has changed the way we approach marketing in this technologically advanced world!
This subject could take you on a voyage of self discovery. We explore our own EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and learn the benefits of successfully applying it to the workplace. It might surprise you to learn that there are many different motivational factors and not everyone is driven by the same rewards and recognition. You will uncover the secrets to a high performing team and how cultural and generational diversity in the workplace is something to be embraced. You will be enlightened when it comes to understanding your own personality profile and how best to deal with conflict in a team situation. Explore some of the ways Flight Centre Travel Group demonstrate a strong and positive Organisational Culture and how it has contributed to our global success story. On completion of this subject you will walk away with some amazing tools that you can apply immediately to both your work and personal life!
Take your tourism and destination knowledge to the next level as you examine the major tourism generating destination regions and the most influential international tourism trends. Discover the impacts of tourism and some of the key principles and strategies in destination marketing and management. Explore the essence of digital marketing and destination image whilst building on your understanding of tourist consumer behaviours. You will be introduced to cultural intelligence whilst developing a sense of appreciation for different cultural dimensions and types. Throughout this subject, you will become aware of how cross cultural communication influences and enriches the whole authentic and experiential tourism affair! 

Course Delivery

In our blended study mode, from the eight subjects in this course, four will require both facilitated in-class training and online learning, while the other four will require online learning with optional study workshops. 

Students will be required to attend the in-class, facilitated learning five days every two months, totalling twenty in-class days over the entire duration of the Diploma.

Facilitated learning will be conducted in Flight Centre Head Office’s across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

In our online study mode, all eight subjects will be completed via our virtual classroom.

Our head office locations

Career Opportunities

Our Diploma of Travel and Tourism is ideal for students looking to build a career in the travel industry, or for those looking for an entry pathway into higher education.

The Diploma of Travel and Tourism is suited to a range of different career opportunities, including:

  • Travel Agent
  • Adventure Tour Manager
  • Hotel Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Leisure Consultant
  • Tour Operator/Manager
  • Tour Coordinator
  • Reservations Sales Agent
  • Tour Sales Consultant
  • Adventure/Outdoor Guide
  • Venue Manager
  • RetailTravel Manager

Higher education pathways



The Diploma of Travel and Tourism is your first year in a Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management) with Torrens University Australia. Upon completing the Diploma, you will go straight into your second year of a Bachelor with Torrens University.

Year 1 Flight Centre Travel Academy & Torrens University Australia

Diploma of Travel & Tourism

graduate with Diploma

Year 2 Torrens University Australia

Bachelor of Business
(Tourism Management)

Year 3 Torrens University Australia

Bachelor of Business
(Tourism Management)

graduate with Bachelor

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Serious about studying a Diploma of Travel & Tourism? Our delivery partner, Torrens University Australia is a recognised Higher Education Provider. This means that eligible students have the opportunity to apply for the Australian Government FEE-HELP loan scheme to defer payment of some, or all, of your tuition fees.

Ready to enrol? It’s easy to apply. Take a read through the entry requirements which are designed to ensure you have the passion, commitment and skills needed to succeed in a course with Flight Centre Travel Academy.
A choice to study travel with one of the world's largest travel agency brands, means a choice to gain exposure to Flight Centre's recruitment team and industry partners.
Unlike other Universities, we enrol every month - so you can start anytime that suits you! We will be taking enrolments for each intake right up until each intake's course start date.

"It is a challenging course but really rewarding and can lead to so many career options - at any stage of your life!"

Cheryl Neylan

Diploma Student

“Doing this course is giving me a way into the industry and it's really enjoyable.”

Dylan Randall

Diploma Student

“After coming to a crossroads in my previous studies. the Diploma at FCTA has given me a much greater insight into the industry.”

Shai-Ann Leonard

Diploma Student

“I love that the Diploma is leading me into a career in the Travel Industry!”

Stephanie Christodoulou

Diploma Student

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be provided with job opportunities upon graduating?

There are no guaranteed job outcomes provided, however being part of the Flight Centre Travel Group means there are many open doors to travel consultant roles across our retail network - all committed Travel Academy students are guaranteed the opportunity to interview with the Flight Centre recruitment team. You will also get access to available roles with our industry partners in hotels and tour companies.

Is there a minimum or maximum age requirement?

No, prospective students just need to meet the entry requirements to demonstrate a reasonable prospect of academic success. Students also need to be aware that it is an adult learning environment and they must have the ability to self manage study requirements to meet required deadlines.

Upon graduating, is there a pathway into further study?

Yes, our Diploma of Travel and Tourism is your first year of a Bachelor’s degree with Torrens University Australia. Upon graduation, students can progress straight into their second year of a Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management) with Torrens University. After 2 more years of study with Torrens University Australia, students will be able to graduate with a Bachelor degree. Flight Centre also employ graduates from this program.

Are all classes or workshops mandatory?

Classes are mandatory as they contain vital learning and allow students hands-on experience with travel systems used in the industry. These classes typically run for 1 week every two months. Workshops are optional, these are study assist days for those needing extra support.

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