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Diploma of Travel and Tourism

Launch your career in the Travel & Tourism Industry with our tertiary accredited Diploma!
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Flight Centre Travel Academy is able to offer what no other training providers in travel can - the best blend of academic content and industry know-how.

Delivered in conjunction with our partner Torrens University Australia, the Diploma of Travel and Tourism has been designed to provide graduates with a broad base of travel and tourism knowledge and skills suitable for employment.

The Diploma of Travel and Tourism offers insight into the diverse tourism industry from knowledge provided first hand from Australia’s largest travel company.

The content and systems students are trained on, are always current and in-line with the ever-changing industry. When you study with us, you are studying with the best.

Our Diploma allows graduates to continue on to a Bachelor of Business with Torrens University Australia.


Course Details


Full-time 9 months (2 semesters) or part-time 18 months (4 semesters)



8 (4 subjects per semester full-time or 2 subjects per semester part-time)


Intake Dates

1 intake per month


Delivery Mode

Up to you - completely online or virtual classroom

*Our on-campus classes have been replaced with online learning during COVID-19 restrictions



Up front or FEE-HELP*

*For eligible students

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Entry Requirements

Completion of Year 12 (or equivalent) & online admission

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Course Structure

Semester 1

This subject will introduce you to business studies and professional practice focusing on their individual development, the organisation and the travel and tourism industry. Including key performance indicators and performance reviews, this subject will help you develop the skills needed to succeed in your studies and future professional practice.
From the rapid growth of tourism in modern times, you will learn about the development and expanse of the travel and tourism industry today and into the future. From travel products to destinations, current trends and emerging traveller demands, this subject will open your eye to the travel world of tomorrow.
This subject provides you with a general understanding of marketing and branding concepts, theories and models as they apply to the travel and tourism industry. You will consider the importance of consumer behaviour, product development, segmentation, targeting and positioning to achieve organisational objectives.
The secret to success in the travel industry is having expert sales techniques and being confident when interacting with a customer. We will take you step by step through a 7 step sales process, which also happens to be very transferable to other sales roles in many industries!

Semester 2

You will learn about yourself, your emotional intelligence and workplace motivations. You’ll cover travel and tourism organisations within this constantly changing environment and the many factors that can influence their performance. In this subject, you will hear from industry leaders and graduates about their career journeys.
In this subject, you will be exposed to contemporary technological trends implemented in the travel industry. You will learn about digital innovations, transformations and disruptors that have occurred within the travel and tourism industry. You will be introduced to online reservation systems widely used by the travel and tourism industry.
This subject introduces you to sustainable tourism concepts: environmental, social and economic. You will analyse how sustainable tourism concepts influence decision-making at an organisational and individual level, and the impacts on the industry as a whole.. Industry case studies include the Intrepid Group and Flight Centre’s Responsible Travel.
This subject provides students with professional experience in an area related to the career they are working towards. Students will learn to perform more effectively in the workplace in a team environment, strengthening specific skills such as time management, communication, and problem-solving, while drawing on the knowledge gained so far.

Career Opportunities

Our Diploma of Travel and Tourism is ideal for students looking to make their way or progress in the travel industry and increase their chance of landing a job, or for those looking for an entry pathway into higher education.

The Diploma of Travel and Tourism is suited to a range of different career opportunities, including:

  • Travel Agent
  • Adventure Tour Manager
  • Hotel Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Leisure Consultant
  • Tour Operator/Manager
  • Tour Coordinator
  • Reservations Sales Agent
  • Tour Sales Consultant
  • Adventure/Outdoor Guide
  • Venue Manager
  • Retail Travel Manager

Higher education pathways

The Diploma of Travel and Tourism is your first year in a Bachelor of Business with Torrens University Australia. Upon completing the Diploma, you can go straight into your second year of a Bachelor with Torrens University.

More Information on the Diploma of Travel and Tourism

Serious about studying a Diploma of Travel & Tourism? Our delivery partner, Torrens University Australia is a recognised Higher Education Provider. This means that eligible students have the opportunity to apply for the Australian Government FEE-HELP loan scheme to defer payment of some, or all, of your tuition fees.
A choice to study travel with one of the world's largest travel agency brands, means a choice to gain exposure to Flight Centre's recruitment team and industry partners.
Ready to enrol? It’s easy to apply. Take a read through the entry requirements which are designed to ensure you have the passion, commitment and skills needed to succeed in a course with Flight Centre Travel Academy.
Unlike other Universities, we enrol every 2nd month - so you can start anytime that suits you! We will be taking enrolments for each intake right up until the course start date.

"I love that the Diploma is leading me into a career in the Travel Industry!"

Stephanie Christodoulou

Diploma Student

“Doing this course is giving me a way into the industry and it's really enjoyable.”

Dylan Randall

Diploma Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be provided with job opportunities upon graduating?

There are no guaranteed job outcomes provided, however being part of the Flight Centre Travel Group means there are many open doors to travel consultant roles across our retail network - all committed Travel Academy students are guaranteed the opportunity to interview with the Flight Centre recruitment team. You will also get access to available roles with our industry partners in hotels and tour companies.

Is there a minimum or maximum age requirement?

No, prospective students just need to meet the entry requirements to demonstrate a reasonable prospect of academic success. Students also need to be aware that it is an adult learning environment and they must have the ability to self manage study requirements to meet required deadlines.

Upon graduating, is there a pathway into future study?

Yes, our Diploma of Travel and Tourism is your first year of a Bachelor’s degree with Torrens University Australia. Upon graduation, students can progress straight into their second year of a Bachelor of Business with Torrens University. After 2 more years of study with Torrens University Australia, students will be able to graduate with a Bachelor degree. Flight Centre also employ graduates from this program.

Are all classes or workshops mandatory?

Classes are very important as they contain vital learning and allow students hands-on experience with travel systems used in the industry.

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