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Start your Travel Agent Journey!

Flight Centre Travel Consultant Program

Launch your career with Australia's leading travel brand!


Get $18K to Study With Flight Centre!

Launch your career with Australia's leading travel brand and receive a Flight Centre Scholarship of up to $18k*.

Flight Centre Travel Consultant program highlights include:

Flight Centre Scholarship

Ok, what's the catch?

When you succeed, we succeed! This payment of up to $18,000 for qualifying travel consultants is our way of saying thank you.

Scholarships will be awarded based on academic achievement, to qualify students who have:

  • Completed the Diploma of Travel and Tourism;
  • Completed the Flight Centre certificate of excellence; and
  • Completed 2 years full-time employment in a Flight Centre store in Australia.

*Terms & Conditions apply

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Flight Centre Travel Consultant

The Program

The Flight Centre Travel Consultant program is the perfect choice if you want to turn your love of travel into a career and see the world while you're at it!

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Launch your Flight Centre Career

  • Flight Centre job pathway with entry as a Travel Consultant with an increased level of retainer pay
  • Up to $18k Scholarship awarded to qualifying students
  • Training on Flight Centre systems, KPIs and sales process
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Uni-accredited + industry experts

  • University-accredited Diploma of Travel and Tourism
  • Content and subjects tailored to Flight Centre roles
  • Study online with support from expert Facilitators
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Your adventure starts here!

  • The travel industry is fun!
  • Exclusive events in Flight Centre HQ Brisbane
  • Travel opportunities
  • Study and connect with other students on exclusive Flight Centre program intakes
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Exclusive inside industry access

  • Access to and presentations from Flight Centre operations leaders, recruitment and product experts
  • Education and events with our industry leading partners
  • Enjoy Flight Centre culture, marketing and philosophies.

Benefits of Studying with us

As part of Flight Centre, we are industry experts and studying with us and our education partner Torrens University Australia means you will have access to:

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Life of a Flight Centre Travel Consultant 

If you're after a job that combines your desire and love of culture and travel with sales-driven motivated teamwork, this one is for you! 

Flight Centre celebrated its 40th birthday last year! That means we're talking 40+ years of experience that will help take you to new heights in your career.


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Flight Centre Travel Consultant

Program Timeline

Step 1

Step 1 

Enrol in the Diploma of Travel & Tourism (Fee-HELP available where requirements are met).

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Step 1
Step 2

Step 2

Graduate from a university level Diploma of Travel & Tourism in only 9 months.

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Step 2
Step 3

Step 3

Begin employment with Flight Centre as a Senior Consultant.

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Step 3
Step 4

Step 4

After your second year of employment with Flight Centre, eligible travel consultants can get back up to $18,000!*

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Step 4

Travel Consultant Stories

Hear all the good things first-hand from students of this Program!

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Phoebe's Story 

Making a dream career in travel come true.

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Emma's Story

Learning from the best in the travel industry.

"Our students, Ziggy and Georgia are going really well! Chadstone Shopping Centre is the biggest this month, so its full on and they're doing amazingly."
travel agent
Niki Leonardos

Store Manager

Course Structure

The content and systems students are trained on, are always current and in-line with the ever-changing industry. When you study with us, you are studying with the best.

  • Succeeding In Business

This subject introduces you to business studies and professional practice, focussing on your individual development and the travel and tourism industry. Including key performance indicators and performance reviews, this subject will help you develop the skills needed to succeed in your studies and future professional practice.

  • Travel Trends & Insights 

From the rapid growth of tourism in modern times, you will learn about the development and expanse of the travel and tourism industry today and into the future. From travel products to destinations, current trends and emerging traveller demands, this subject will open your eye to the travel world of tomorrow.

  • Introduction To Marketing & Branding  

This subject provides you with a general understanding of marketing and branding concepts, theories and models as they apply to the travel and tourism industry. You will consider the importance of consumer behaviour, product development, segmentation, targeting and positioning to achieve organisational objectives. 

  • Successful Sales Techniques 

The secret to success in the travel industry is having expert sales techniques and being confident when interacting with a customer. We will take you step by step through a seven-step sales process, which also happens to be very transferable to other sales roles in many industries. 

  • Understanding People & Organisations 

You will learn about yourself, your emotional intelligence and workplace motivations. You’ll cover travel and tourism organisations within this constantly changing environment and the many factors that can influence their performance. In this subject, you will hear from industry leaders and graduates about their career journeys. 

  • Travel Systems Essentials 

In this subject, you will be exposed to contemporary technological trends implemented in the travel industry. You will learn about digital innovations, transformations and disruptors that have occurred within the travel and tourism industry. You will be introduced to online reservation systems widely used by the travel and tourism industry. 

  • Sustainable Tourism 

This subject introduces you to sustainable tourism concepts: environmental, social and economic. You will analyse how sustainable tourism concepts influence decision-making at an organisational and individual level, and the impacts on the industry as a whole. Industry case studies include the Intrepid Group and Flight Centre Travel Group's Responsible Travel. 

  • Industry Focus 

This subject provides students with professional experience in an area related to the career they are working towards. Students will learn to perform more effectively in the workplace in a team environment, strengthening specific skills such as time management, communication, and problem-solving, while drawing on the knowledge gained so far.

Flight Centre Travel Consultant FAQ

What if I don't live near a Flight Centre store?

We'll work with you to locate the most convenient store for you, however, if do not live near any then we would ask you to consider relocating. However, we will treat each student case by case and find the best solution for you!

How will I receive the Scholarship payment if I qualify?

You will receive a one-off payment of either $18,000 or $9,000 (depending on your academic performance), in your pay from Flight Centre after the equivalent of two years full time employment with the company.

In my first 2 years of employment, can I transfer to another shop or another state?

With the agreement from your Team Leader and Regional Sales Manager, you can transfer to another Flight Centre store in Australia, and still be eligible for the Scholarship payment.

How much does the Diploma cost?
We partner with Torrens University Australia and the cost for this tertiary Diploma is $2,350 per subject, or $18,800 in total for 8 subjects.

If you are an Australian citizen, then you are eligible for a FEE-HELP loan to pay all or part of your tuition fees. 
Please note that there is a lifetime cap on FEE-HELP debt, so know your balance before you apply. Visit the Loan Repayment page to check your balance.  
What is the duration of the Diploma?

Full-time study is 9 months (2 semesters) 

Part-time study is 18 months (4 semesters)

What are the Diploma entry requirements?

Completion of Year 12 (or equivalent) & online admission.

What is the cost of the Diploma?
We partner with Torrens University Australia and the cost for this tertiary Diploma is $2,350 per subject or $18,800 in total for 8 subjects, starting 2024.

If you are an Australian citizen, then you are eligible for a FEE-HELP loan to pay all or part of your tuition fees. 
Please note that there is a lifetime cap on FEE-HELP debt, so know your balance before you apply. Visit the Loan Repayment page to check your balance.  


Are classes online or in person?

All subjects are delivered completely online! We do offer live tutorials, QA's and coaching calls to help you along the way.

What are the intake dates?

In 2024 our next intakes will be in February and July.

What kinds of jobs can I get?

Successful completion of this program will set you up to apply for roles as a Travel Consultant. Graduating students receive an increased retainer of approx $4,000 for the first year depending on hours and shifts worked.

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