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Go places with Flight Centre Travel Academy.

Want a career in travel? Our course can get you there.
Why study with us

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Why choose Flight Centre Travel Academy?

Flight Centre Travel Academy was created to help fast-track your career in travel. We give people who are looking to break into the popular tourism industry access to insider knowledge and training from Australia's largest travel agent - enabling you to train on current systems and learn relevant theoretical concepts. Studying with us means you are learning with the best in the business!


Hands On Learning

Work on live systems, gain immediate feedback and practice new skills in a supportive environment.

Expert Trainers

Learn about real-world travel sales, products and systems from passionate industry experts.

A Foot In The Door

Showcase your skills and talent in class to be recommended for recruitment.

Flight Centre Insights

Gain access to the same training, systems and support offered to staff at Flight Centre Travel Group.

Learn more about our diploma of travel & tourism

“After coming to a crossroads in my previous studies. the Diploma at FCTA has given me a much greater insight into the industry.”

Shai-Ann Leonard

Diploma Student

"It is a challenging course but really rewarding and can lead to so many career options - at any stage of your life!"

Cheryl Neylan

Diploma Student

“Doing this course is giving me a way into the industry and it's really enjoyable.”

Dylan Randall

Diploma Student

“I love that the Diploma is leading me into a career in the Travel Industry!”

Stephanie Christodoulou

Diploma Student

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be provided with job opportunities upon graduating?

There are no guaranteed job outcomes provided, however being part of the Flight Centre Travel Group means there are many open doors to travel consultant roles across our retail network - all committed Travel Academy students are guaranteed the opportunity to interview with the Flight Centre recruitment team. You will also get access to available roles with our industry partners in hotels and tour companies.

Is there a minimum or maximum age requirement?

No, prospective students just need to meet the entry requirements to demonstrate a reasonable prospect of academic success. Students also need to be aware that it is an adult learning environment and they must have the ability to self manage study requirements to meet required deadlines.

Upon graduating, is there a pathway into further study?

Yes, our Diploma of Travel and Tourism is your first year of a Bachelor’s degree with Torrens University Australia. Upon graduation, students can progress straight into their second year of a Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management) with Torrens University. After 2 more years of study with Torrens University Australia, students will be able to graduate with a Bachelor degree. Flight Centre also employ graduates from this program.

Are all classes or workshops mandatory?

Where you haven't chosen the online study mode, classes are mandatory as they contain vital learning and allow students hands-on experience with travel systems used in the industry. These classes typically run for 1 week every two months. Workshops are optional, these are study assist days for those needing extra support.

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