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Diploma of Travel and Tourism

Delivered in partnership with Torrens University Australia, this Diploma sets you up for success in the travel and tourism industry. 

Discover The Diploma

All our pathways are delivered in combination with the Diploma of Travel and Tourism, so check it out below! 

Delivered in conjunction with our partner Torrens University Australia, the Diploma of Travel and Tourism has been designed to provide graduates with in-depth knowledge of the travel and tourism industry and skills suitable for employment.

The Diploma of Travel and Tourism sets you up for success to achieve the following learning outcomes upon graduation: 
  • Customer experience management principles.
  • Thorough understanding of the principles of Culture, Places and Destination Management.
  • Strengthen your leadership qualities and HR management principles.
  • Develop travel and tourism knowledge with connections and insights from Australia's leading travel organisation. 

Alongside being delivered in partnership with Torrens University Australia, the Diploma sets you up with a variety of industry leading connections. Between Flight Centre Travel Academy and Torrens University Australia, you're networking opportunities are truly global! 


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Benefits of Studying With Us

As part of Flight Centre, we are industry experts and studying with us and our education partner Torrens University Australia means you will have access to:

Our Diploma Pathways

Our Study + Job Diploma pathways combine a Diploma of Travel and Tourism with a career launching job in the travel and tourism industry. Each program is delivered by industry experts and designed to get you job ready to jump straight into your travel career!

These pathways can take you to work in the Whitsundays, the UK or Canada or work as cabin crew, a travel agent, in hotel management, be cutting edge in sustainable tourism plus so much more. Find your dream career today!

We'll Take You Further

Hear first-hand from our students about where the Diploma of Travel and Tourism has taken them on their career journeys and dive deeper into the support you will receive. 

Career Outcomes

The Diploma of Travel and Tourism equips students with the knowledge and tools required for a successful career in the travel and tourism industry. 

Some career outcomes include:

  • Travel Agent
  • Hotel Manager                              
  • Tour Operator/Manager 
  • Tour Leader                           
  • Sales Manager                                           
  • Guest Relations Manager

Student Support 

From your well-being to payment options, supporting our students throughout their journey is our number one priority. 

Discover how you will be supported throughout your Diploma of Travel and Tourism journey and beyond. 

  • Recruitment & pathway support
  • Well-being resources
  • Payment options
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“We are so proud of our relationship with Flight Centre Travel Academy, which has produced hundreds of highly satisfied students nationally, who have gone on to enjoy productive careers in the tourism industry. Our partnership enables numerous and flexible pathways for graduates, whether they wish to continue into a bachelor or enter the growing workforce."
nick turmel
Nick Turmel

Account & Program Director

Torrens University Australia

Torrens University Australia (TUA) is Australia's leading international university. Alongside this, TUA is also the fastest-growing university in Australia, and for good reason.


About Torrens University Australia

Specialising in first-class education in hospitality, business, health, design, technology, education and literature, TUA was founded in 2012. With locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Blue Mountains, Australia, Auckland, and New Zealand, TUA truly is a global university. 

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Bachelor Pathway

A Diploma of Travel and Tourism from Flight Centre Travel Academy gives you direct entry into Year One (Advanced Diploma) and Year Two of the Bachelor of Business with Torrens University Australia.

Commencing your studies with the Diploma of Travel and Tourism is a great option if you don’t have an ATAR score, have been out of study for a while, or currently don’t meet the direct entry requirements for university. Plus, your first year will be spent learning directly from one of the pioneers and global leaders of the travel agent industry. Find out more.

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Course Structure

The content and systems students are trained on, are always current and in-line with the ever-changing industry. When you study with us, you are studying with the best.

  • Succeeding In Business

This subject introduces you to business studies and professional practice, focussing on your individual development and the travel and tourism industry. Including key performance indicators and performance reviews, this subject will help you develop the skills needed to succeed in your studies and future professional practice.

  • Travel Trends & Insights 

From the rapid growth of tourism in modern times, you will learn about the development and expanse of the travel and tourism industry today and into the future. From travel products to destinations, current trends and emerging traveller demands, this subject will open your eye to the travel world of tomorrow.

  • Introduction To Marketing & Branding  

This subject provides you with a general understanding of marketing and branding concepts, theories and models as they apply to the travel and tourism industry. You will consider the importance of consumer behaviour, product development, segmentation, targeting and positioning to achieve organisational objectives. 

  • Successful Sales Techniques 

The secret to success in the travel industry is having expert sales techniques and being confident when interacting with a customer. We will take you step by step through a seven-step sales process, which also happens to be very transferable to other sales roles in many industries. 

  • Understanding People & Organisations 

You will learn about yourself, your emotional intelligence and workplace motivations. You’ll cover travel and tourism organisations within this constantly changing environment and the many factors that can influence their performance. In this subject, you will hear from industry leaders and graduates about their career journeys. 

  • Travel Systems Essentials 

In this subject, you will be exposed to contemporary technological trends implemented in the travel industry. You will learn about digital innovations, transformations and disruptors that have occurred within the travel and tourism industry. You will be introduced to online reservation systems widely used by the travel and tourism industry. 

  • Sustainable Tourism 

This subject introduces you to sustainable tourism concepts: environmental, social and economic. You will analyse how sustainable tourism concepts influence decision-making at an organisational and individual level, and the impacts on the industry as a whole. Industry case studies include the Intrepid Group and Flight Centre Travel Group's Responsible Travel. 

  • Industry Focus 

This subject provides students with professional experience in an area related to the career they are working towards. Students will learn to perform more effectively in the workplace in a team environment, strengthening specific skills such as time management, communication, and problem-solving, while drawing on the knowledge gained so far.

Diploma of Travel & Tourism FAQs

What is the duration of the Diploma?

Full-time study is 9 months (2 semesters) 

Part-time study is 18 months (4 semesters)

What are the entry requirements?

Completion of Year 12 (or equivalent) & online admission.


What is the cost of the Diploma?
We partner with Torrens University Australia and the cost for this tertiary Diploma is $2,350 per subject, or $18,800 in total for 8 subjects.

If you are an Australian citizen, then you are eligible for a FEE-HELP loan to pay all or part of your tuition fees. 
Please note that there is a lifetime cap on FEE-HELP debt, so know your balance before you apply. Visit the Loan Repayment page to check your balance.  
Are classes online or in person?

All subjects are delivered completely online! We've come a long way with virtual classrooms and what we can achieve.

*Our on-campus classes have been replaced with online learning during COVID-19 restrictions

What are the intake dates?

Unlike any other university, we typically have at least one intake date per month! This means you can start your study when it best suits you. 

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