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A glimpse into life in paradise: Sneak Peek in the Whitsundays


Imagine this: The sun is shining on a stretch of sparkling sand, pearlescent white in the sunlight. You wiggle your toes in the sand and take a few steps towards the water's edge. You dive in and feel the cool, refreshing water wash over your body as you submerge beneath the lapping waves. You open your eyes and catch a glimpse of a curious fish darting away from you. Is this paradise?

What if we told you this could be your new office? 

Work, Study + Play Sneak Peek

Last week, a group of twelve enthusiastic students from our Work, Study + Play program embarked on an exciting journey to the breathtaking Whitsundays for our Sneak Peek trip. This exclusive trip is designed to give them a glimpse into what life will be like once they move.

With our Program, our students are lucky to experience this part of the world and call it their new home for the next 6 months! Sneak Peek is a 3-day trip that happens roughly 4 weeks prior to the students designated move date. It's an optional trip - and some students take this opportunity to bring along one of their parents to enjoy a quick getaway as well!



The students were thrilled to explore the stunning beauty of the Whitsundays and enjoyed a wide range of activities. The trip is tailored to help students gain insight into the different industries and job roles available in the region. They were able to explore the potential job opportunities and understand the requirements and expectations of potential employers.

Our students also had the opportunity to meet and network with their peers - something that may have been quite novel to them, as with online-studying, they rarely get to meet in person!

Paradise on earth

The Whitsundays is home to breathtaking natural beauty and a diverse range of ecosystems teeming with life. Located in tropical Queensland, it is home to a group of 74 idyllic islands. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities such as sailing through the crystal-clear waters, discovering extraordinary marine life, or exploring some of Australia's most-loved landmarks like the Great Barrier Reef and Whitehaven Beach's pristine sands. On the mainland side  you can find several enticing beaches and national parks, along with the coastal town of Airlie Beach. This town attracts holidaymakers year-round and offers a dreamy lifestyle that complements the natural surroundings.

Getting interview ready

Our team believes in providing comprehensive support to ensure that our students are fully prepared for the interview process, and Sneak Peek is the perfect opportunity to give our students real-world experience of becoming employable. We offer detailed interview preparation, which includes practice sessions and guidance on how to present oneself professionally and effectively. With our assistance, students can confidently showcase their abilities and experiences during to-face interviews on the trip, giving them the best possible chance of success in securing a role.

Another way that we prepare our students is to offer them an opportunity to partake in a Resilience and Strengths Builder workshop, hosted by Shiift. The team at Shiift are experts in helping businesses and individuals achieve their goals through various professional development workshops and events.   The CliftonStrengths strengths-based session focuses on leveraging the things you are good at. By 'sitting in your pocket of greatness', this session will allow to be able to identify and understand your strengths, understand how to harness them for accelerated outcomes, learn how to build rapport, trust, and respect quickly and easily, as well as learn how to use positive psychological frameworks to create resilience, emotional well-being, and an environment where you can thrive. This workshop is an excellent tool for students to add to their repertoire and will help them in achieving their own personal as well as professional goals. 

Students witting around some tables listening to a presentation giving by our team

Resilience and Strengths Builder Workshop

Our students listening into a presentation given by Chloe our Work, Study + Play Program Leader, followed by the team at Shiift



Networking, networking...and partying of course!

Sneak Peek is not only a chance for students to prepare for life in tropical Queensland, but it's also a way to boost confidence and morale in completing their studies. Students interact with current students already living in the Whitsundays, as well as with their peers, and get a feel for what life would be like in the beautiful Whitsundays. Where can they go to get their morning coffee? What are some activities they can do while they aren't working? Where do they find things like supermarkets, shops, chemists, doctors?

A group shot of all of our students on the boat trip
Two of our students smiling at the camera on the boat trip
Two of our students at the white boat party
Two fo our students smiling at the camera with our Program Leader Chloe

Sneak Peek provides students with an excellent opportunity to experience the lifestyle of their new home. They leave with a clearer understanding of their future job prospects and a sense of excitement for the new adventures that await them.

It is a perfect blend of work and play, allowing the students to experience the beauty of the Whitsundays while also taking important steps towards their future careers in travel. Get in touch today if you are interested in our Work, Study + Play Program - with a limited number of intakes per year, it's best to get planning as soon as possible! 

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