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The 12 Most Popular Travel Industry Careers

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Being a travel agent isn't your only career option when looking to change into the travel industry.

There are loads more career paths out there for you to choose! From managing a travel agency to writing about your travel experiences; we've got the 12 most popular travel industry roles (in no particular order), starting with...

1. A Flight Attendant

Also know as cabin crew, stewards, air hosts or cabin attendants. Employed by airlines as part of the aircrew to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers onboard commercial flights.

2. Airport Check-In Officer

Airlines employ check-in officers to assist passengers. They organise the boarding pass, check baggage and select or confirm the seating on the aircraft.

3. Wholesale Consultant

A wholesale consultant is the middle man between travel agents and wholesale providers, like Infinity Holidays. When a customer enters a retail store, they may ask the travel agent for a unique holiday package that does not exist. A wholesale consultant is then responsible for creating this unique holiday package and sending it back to the travel agent, who then shares it with the client and books it in!

4. Cruise Consultant

A cruise consultant is known to be a specialist when it comes to cruising. They help book dream cruising holidays for the everyday cruise travel-lover.

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5. Ticketing Agent

A Ticketing Agent is someone with high attention to detail. They are responsible for manually issuing tickets and making ticket reservations between airlines and travel agencies.  

6. Training

Trainers in the travel industry have a wealth of previous industry experience  they need to know the ins-and-outs of all aspects of the travel industry before they can teach the ins-and-outs!

7. Recruitment

Working in recruitment within the travel industry means that you are a specialist in recruiting candidates for roles within the industry; like some of these! The selection criteria will be different to other industries.

8. Travel Agent

A travel agent, or what we call a travel consultant, assists clients by making travel arrangements for business or holiday purposes. Read this blog to see what a day in the life of a travel agent entails...

9. Team Leaders

Head up a team of travel agents in a Team Leader role for a travel agency. A Team Leader is required to drive the performance and ensure their employees are meeting their KPIs for business success. Without Team Leaders, travel agencies would not be as successful!

10. Tour Guide

A tour guide is a clients best friend. They help make their travel dreams a reality by exploring iconic landmarks, telling the history of different destinations and introducing them to new cultures.

11. Travel Writer

A career as a travel writer is exactly as you see it; you travel and you write. Write about the places you have visited and the experiences you have had while travelling and publish your work on blogs or sell your pieces to different publications.

12. Travel Blogger 

Similar to a travel writer, a travel blogger travels and writes, but only publishes their work on blogs. 

So now you've seen the 12 most popular travel career options! Which one will you choose?

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