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Top 10 tips for students on a budget

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You are young. You are free. You may have a student debt to worry about later (when you’re living your travel career dream!) and, in the meantime, limited finances to get you there.

In memory of the Australian government’s VET FEE-HELP loan scheme - which ends very, very soon - and for all those students who dared to take a leap of faith on themselves and battle it out broke to get qualified in the tourism industry...

Travel Academy’s Top 10 Student Budget Tips are here for you...

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1. Create a budget - and stick to it

Yes, there’s an app for that - but a good old spreadsheet or pen and paper do the trick too. At the start of your course work out a fair budget and don’t budge. Put aside anything you don’t spend and treat yo’self halfway.

2. Sick of noodles - pitch in for a feast

Just like your budget - you should have a meal plan and stick to it. And freeze it in bulk. Still, when you fancy a treat why not pitch in with a few people from class and make something special together?

3. Take advantage of networking

That’s right - Travel Academy student get access to several tourism industry networking events during the year. Put your hand up for all of them and say hello to your future boss and, if you’re lucky, some fine-looking canapes.

4. Get on that bike

Forgo the gym, Uber or petrol $ and try walking or riding instead. Hello double the savings and a free fitness workout!

5. Discount days

Don’t be shy - discount days, 2-4-1s exist for people to use them. From your hairdresser to the movies, public transport and your local pub - suss out what days are deal days and treat yourself. 

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 6. Do you really need that?

From eBay to Gumtree and ASOS marketplace to Swap, Buy and Sell pages on FB - there’s loads of simple ways to clean out your unwanted items and make some extra money while you’re skimping. Say goodbye to someone else’s new treasures.

7. Limit your shopping

Everyone knows it’s a bad idea to go shopping hungry. Especially when you’re on a tight budget - you will still come back with twice as much as you need. Same applies with too many visits to the shops. Only shop once a week or fortnight and stick to your list. 

8. Get a job

It’s not always possible to work and study. If you can’t get a part-time job; get creative and lease out that spare room on AirBnB or see if there are any one-off tasks in your area on sites like AirTasker.

9. Have a study break - online

Have a study break - surf the net for the good of your wallet. There’s loads and loads of money saving calculators, tips, apps just waiting for you to find. You will have that new laptop in no time.

10. Be smart with what you have

Use ATMs with no fees. Phone around to see you’re getting the best phone/internet/gas/electric/petrol/grocery/toilet paper prices on offer. Pack your own lunch and make your own coffee in the morning. You will be surprised just how much money you can save per week going the extra mile with your thrift.

Now you know how to budget - take a leap of faith and enrol in a course that takes you places today... 

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