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6 August 2017

Read (& Listen) Your Way To Success

It takes a lot to be successful; persistence, patience and passion are just a few. But being successful can be kick-started with a little inspiration.…
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2 July 2017

Industry Secrets: 8 Things Only Travel Insiders Know

The travel industry is well-known for having many secrets and tricks for getting the best out of a holiday...
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25 June 2017

#TravelStyles: Getting There

Planes, trains and automobiles have made getting to (and getting around) your dream holiday so much easier!
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18 June 2017

#TravelStyles: Accommodation

"How many different types of accommodation are there?"  With the ever increasing popularity of Airbnb, the answer continually changes and honestly, we…
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11 June 2017

#TravelStyles: Coach Tours

Want to explore the world but don’t want to do all that planning? Or maybe you want to travel alone but you’re conscious about your safety. If that’s …
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4 June 2017

#TravelStyles: Cruising

To be a great travel consultant, you need to understand your clients' needs. A big part of this is establishing what travel style they are looking for…
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28 May 2017

#VLOG: What Are Your Top Tips For Anyone Starting In The Industry?

Before you start a new job, do you repeatedly ask your friends and family for advice or tips? We do!
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21 May 2017

#VLOG: What Was Your Biggest Challenge When Starting In The Industry

Starting fresh in any industry can be challenging and the travel industry is no different...
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14 May 2017

#VLOG: What Is Your Most Commonly Asked Question?

Have you ever wondered what the most commonly asked question would be for anyone working in the travel industry? We know we have...
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11 May 2017

How Our Short Courses Helped Daniel Get A Job With FC!

From Logistics Management to Flight Centre Sandringham - our Short Course bundle graduate, Daniel Hills, is now living out his dream as a travel consu…
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