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4 February 2018

How Josh Earned A Career In Travel!

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28 January 2018

Carry On Essentials For An Overseas Flight!

  Overseas flights can be a bit uncomfortable. You have to sit in a compact seat for sometimes up to 10 hours or more with no real space to move aroun…
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21 January 2018

What is it like being a Travel Agent?

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14 January 2018

How Peter Went From Graduate to Team Leader

Peter is a recent graduate of Flight Centre Travel Academy and since leaving, he has built a successful career in travel! Peter attributes his success…
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5 December 2017

3 Travel and Tourism Jobs to Consider

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26 November 2017

Why Work In The Travel Industry?

  Everyone wants to work in an exciting industry that appeals to them – that’s why jobs in the travel industry are so competitive! Whether you are hel…
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19 November 2017

3 Major Benefits of Online Learning

Online study is growing more and more popular and it isn’t hard to see why! The flexibility online study brings makes it easy to fit a full-time study…
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12 November 2017

In The Know Series #2 - Responsible & Sustainable Tourism

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5 November 2017

In The Know Series #1 - 3 Travel Industry Trends You NEED To Know About

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29 October 2017

Travel Agent vs The Internet

One question that we get asked a lot is: "should I book with a travel agent or am I better off doing it myself"? Here's what we think...
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