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Graduate Krystal Tells Us How She Landed A Job with FC!

We chatted to one of our recent graduates from the Diploma of Travel & Tourism about her experience studying with us and where she is now. Check …


We chatted to one of our recent graduates from the Diploma of Travel & Tourism about her experience studying with us and where she is now. Check out what she had to say...

What motivated you to inquire about the Flight Centre Travel Academy Diploma? 

I wanted a role in the travel industry and had no idea on where to start. I figured the best way to get to get into the travel industry would be to get my Diploma so I would have a qualification behind me as well as a better understanding of the travel industry. 

What was the ultimate deciding factor to enrol in the Diploma of Travel and Tourism?

I really wanted this career change and the opportunity to do a Diploma with Flight Centre seemed like the best opportunity for a career outcome. Also I loved the flexibility of the course - it was split between in class subjects in North Sydney as well as online subjects.   

What parts of the course did you enjoy?

I really enjoyed my time in class with Renee. She was always very helpful and friendly and so supportive. She made the subjects very enjoyable. 


What did you find difficult about the course and how did you overcome it? 

I had not studied for a while so getting back into the swing of assessments and due dates was a little bit of a struggle. I spoke with Renee and she helped me work out my schedule/calendar for each subject and to focus on what was due over the next week or two. She taught me not get daunted by the whole semesters schedule. 


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Where are you now? 

I work in the travel industry as a travel consultant!! I have completed my diploma in the 10 months it takes for the diploma with credits and distinctions for my final marks (so proud of myself) and I have been successful in gaining a full time position within Flight Centre.

How did you land the job with Flight Centre?

I applied through Seek and I went through the interview process from there. I also emailed and Renee from the travel academy to ask for any tip and advice going into the recruitment process as she had done it all before and Renee was a great support for my questions. 

What would your advice be to other people looking to apply?

Do it!! Take the leap and do it. It is an amazing course and the support from the Flight Centre Travel Academy is amazing. This course has truly changed my life and I am so glad I decided to go ahead with it. 


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Written by Katie Collaro

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