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Taking Flight Blog

    Written by Katie Collaro

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    22 April 2018

    Career Series #2 National Events Manager

    The Flight Centre Travel Group hosts a variety of huge travel expos across Australia each year. We offer expert advice, exclusive deals, & all your tr…
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    8 April 2018

    Career Series #1 Wholesale Travel Consultant

    Ever wonder where the travel agents get all the amazing deals from? Wholesale travel companies work with their retail partners to deliver the travel d…
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    25 March 2018

    Meggan Tells Us How She Landed Her Dream Job

    Meggan always had a dream of working for Flight Centre and thanks to her hard work and dedication, she landed a travel agent job with Student Flights!…
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    18 March 2018

    Nine Packing Hacks For a Stress-Free Holiday

    Holidays are relaxing; packing for them isn’t. If you are someone that dreads packing and needs all they can get to make the process easy and efficien…
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    4 March 2018

    Our Past Graduates Give Advice to Future Students!

    Unsure whether you should take the plunge into one of our Travel and Tourism Courses? We asked some of our graduates, “If you could share one piece of…
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    25 February 2018

    Tegan Tells Us How She Landed Her Dream Job!

    Tegan developed the travel bug early on in life and decided she wanted to explore the idea of building a career for herself in the industry. After som…
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    18 February 2018

    Subject Series #1 Travel Trends & Insights

    In this series, we take a closer look at some of the subjects covered in the Diploma of Travel and Tourism. We asked our students a few questions abou…
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    11 February 2018

    How To Become a Travel Agent!

    One of the questions we get asked the most is ‘How do I become a travel agent?’ While there are a lot of opportunities in the travel industry, there i…
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    4 February 2018

    How Josh Earned A Career In Travel!

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    28 January 2018

    Carry On Essentials For An Overseas Flight!

      Overseas flights can be a bit uncomfortable. You have to sit in a compact seat for sometimes up to 10 hours or more with no real space to move aroun…
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