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Carry On Essentials For An Overseas Flight!

  Overseas flights can be a bit uncomfortable. You have to sit in a compact seat for sometimes up to 10 hours or more with no real space to move …



Overseas flights can be a bit uncomfortable. You have to sit in a compact seat for sometimes up to 10 hours or more with no real space to move around and not a whole lot to do to keep yourself entertained. However, there is a lot you can bring with you to make your overseas flight more comfortable and enjoyable! So make sure you take a look at this list before jetting off on your next trip...



Face Wipes

This is definitely an essential, especially for longer overseas flights. With no way to shower or properly clean yourself on a long flight – face wipes are GREAT at making your face (plus the rest of your body) feel refreshed!



Deodorant is another must-have for your own sake and your neighbours! There is nothing worse than sitting next to someone with some bad body odor and nothing more embarrassing than realising it’s actually you! Don’t forget, the deodorant will have to be a roll on or a spray in travel size!



Essential to keep that breath minty fresh throughout the whole trip! Or else, just bring your toothbrush and toothpaste with you.



Neck Pillow

Don’t buy one and you will regret it. It is easy to think, ‘My flight is only 6 hours, I’ll be fine’. No, you won’t - and neither will your neck! If you want to be comfortable and maybe even get some sleep on the plane, a neck pillow is a MUST HAVE!



Regardless of how hot your departure and arrival destinations are, planes get cold.


Noise-Canceling Headphones

Just in case you are sitting next to a baby or a really loud chewer. Nothing better than being able to zone out and enjoy a good movie or throw on a podcast and go to sleep!


Eye Drops

If you naturally have dryer eyes, the recycled air blowing in your face throughout a long flight can become really irritating for your eyes. So if this is the case for you, make sure to bring some eye drops!


Lip Balm

Much like your eyes, the dry air can also make your lips feel like they are drying out. Always have a handy lip balm in your bag just in case.


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Even if you are going to be fed on the plane, it is always good to have your own snacks handy as there is a good chance you might not like what you get served, or you might just be extra hungry! Plus, there is nothing better than some delicious treats while watching a movie.



So you can binge-watch the latest Netflix Original! Make sure to download all the episodes before you go though. An iPad also stops you from having to buy overpriced books at the airport. Instead, you can download them from iBooks on your iPad – this definitely saves you some packing space too!



A magazine or newspaper is good when you don’t feel like starting to read a 600 page crime-thriller, but want something to keep you mildly entertained until dinner is served.

These tips are great for you to use - but also a fabulous way to give your clients a little extra value as you pass on your expertise as a travel agent!

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Written by Katie Collaro

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