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Career Series #1 Wholesale Travel Consultant

Ever wonder where the travel agents get all the amazing deals from? Wholesale travel companies work with their retail partners to deliver the travel …


Ever wonder where the travel agents get all the amazing deals from? Wholesale travel companies work with their retail partners to deliver the travel deals that are then on-sold to retail customers. Infinity Holidays is made up of specialist International, Domestic and New Zealand travel consultants, as well specialist Cruise and Rail teams, all with unique, first-hand product knowledge. At Flight Centre Travel Group, we have our very own wholesale team. Vicky Colovic is a Senior Consultant and one of the shining stars of this team, and shares her career journey with us!

Have you always worked in travel?

Yes, I have always worked in travel. After finishing a Business Degree (Travel Mgmt) I started in Retail under the Travelscene Brand in 2003-2004, then moved into the wonderful world of wholesale travel! I then worked for South Pacific Specialist Wholesale Talpacific Holidays 2004-2006. I had the opportunity to move to London, where I then worked for STA Travel Head Office until 2007 in various roles. When I moved back to Australia I was welcomed into the Infinity Holidays family where I've been now for 10 years!


Vic Dubai.jpgWhat is your current role and what led you to this point?

Currently, I’m a Senior Sales Consultant at Infinity International. I started as a Sales Consultant and after three years, became Assistant Team Leader where I helped lead, at the time, the one of the most productive sales teams at Infinity in the whole Country. After some personal reflection and seeking more "work life balance", I stepped back into a sales consultant role where this year has seen me hit the big 10 years - time flies when you're having fun right?


What do you love about working in travel?

I love that we as consultants get to create and book clients dream holidays, it's awesome to be part of client's dream trips! I love the opportunities we get to see the world and be exposed to different cultures and ways of life. I feel it enriches us as people!


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In your opinion, what are the top 3 qualities, skills or attributes someone needs to kill it in the travel industry?

Vic Russia.jpgI think firstly you have to have that passion for travel, you have to want to be going to these places that we deal with, or have been and want to tell people about your experiences. You can’t fake that passion and I think that really makes the difference in how successful you are in this job. Along with this, a commitment to stellar customer service, you need to want to help people, you need to want to get things done, you don’t just say no, you try to say yes and if you can’t - you direct people to where they can be helped.
Finally the reality is, this industry - more appropriately (our role) is not a M-F 9-5, so you have to have that commitment to long hours, assorted shifts and being flexible with your work life balance. In saying that I can definitely say flexibility in our role has made some amazing headway and working from home / part time etc has become much more attainable which is amazing.

Did you know that your current job existed when you started out in the industry?

I did know about wholesale travel but not yet about Infinity Holidays. When I began in the industry it wasn’t in the FC family yet but since joining Infinity Holidays, I sure as hell haven't looked back :)  


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Written by Katie Collaro

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