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Meggan always had a dream of working for Flight Centre and thanks to her hard work and dedication, she landed a travel agent job with Student Flights! Meggan tells us the steps she took to secure her dream job...

What made you want to study for a career in the travel industry?

Travel has always been my passion and working in travel has always been my goal. Working for Flight Centre was my childhood dream!

Why did you choose the Travel Academy?

I had applied for roles with the Flight Centre previously without success so I thought the Flight Centre Travel Academy would be great to further my knowledge, gain a travel agent qualification and get a foot in the door.

Was the travel course what you expected?

No. It was far better than I expected. Not only did I learn a lot, I made some amazing friends and had so much fun! 

How did you find out about your current position and how did you find the interview process?

I was recommended by my Flight Centre Travel Academy trainer. The interview process was daunting and hard but it was a perfect way to see who would really suit the role.

In your opinion, do you think you have been set up for greater success or at an advantage to others from completing a travel qualification with us?

Absolutely, 100%. I felt far more confident going into a travel consultant role having the knowledge I learnt from the qualification. I was fortunate to get a position with Student Flights Bond University where I worked with an amazing team. After 18 months, I was lucky to receive a transfer to my home town in Tasmania and work for Flight Centre Charles Street.

Do you think it's worth doing a course before you go for a job in the Travel industry?

100% -although it has to be the right course! Flight Centre Travel Academy covers all aspects of the job and really prepares you to be a great travel consultant.


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