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21 January 2018

What is it like being a Travel Agent?

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22 October 2017

5 Personality Traits Our Recruiters Are Looking For!

There  are a number of obvious personality traits interviewers look out for when hiring someone for general sales roles – friendly, approachable, prob…
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20 October 2017

Student Stories: Graduate Lalita gets set for success at Escape Travel

Today we catch up with Lalita, who studied with the amazing Travel Academy team in Melbourne. Lalita has just started with Escape Travel after graduat…
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8 October 2017

Student Stories: Ashlee Went From Travel Academy to Escape Travel

Ashlee is currently working as a Business Travel Consultant at Escape Travel. She started her journey into the industry with Flight Centre Travel Acad…
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17 September 2017

Student Stories: Why Karen Chose Travel Academy

Karen has recently graduated with a Diploma of Travel from Flight Centre Travel Academy. We asked her a couple of questions about her experience with …
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27 August 2017

Learn How Sacha Made The Leap From Banking to Travel

After 10 years in the banking industry and 10 years since she last studied, Sacha is one of our newest graduates at the Academy! Equipped with her new…
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20 August 2017

The 12 Most Popular Travel Industry Careers

Being a travel agent isn't your only career option when looking to change into the travel industry.
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6 August 2017

Read (& Listen) Your Way To Success

It takes a lot to be successful; persistence, patience and passion are just a few. But being successful can be kick-started with a little inspiration.…
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9 July 2017

How Sue Graduated From Travel Academy and Landed a Job!

Sue Oostveen is a Flight Centre Travel Academy Graduate who landed a job at Cruiseabout in Victoria! We asked Sue some questions about her journey int…
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11 May 2017

How Our Short Courses Helped Daniel Get A Job With FC!

From Logistics Management to Flight Centre Sandringham - our Short Course bundle graduate, Daniel Hills, is now living out his dream as a travel consu…
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