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Why Work In The Travel Industry?

  Everyone wants to work in an exciting industry that appeals to them – that’s why jobs in the travel industry are so competitive! Whether you are …



Everyone wants to work in an exciting industry that appeals to them – that’s why jobs in the travel industry are so competitive! Whether you are helping others organise their next holiday, or taking travelers on unforgettable experiences – there is no doubt travel is an exciting industry to be part of. Besides the whole travel aspect, there are a lot of other reasons we love working in the industry - and you will too!

1. Passionate People

It’s hard to come by people who aren't interested in travel. Especially when you work in the industry! Travelling is something we all love to do, plan and talk about. Working in the industry means there are a lot of other passionate travelers to talk to! Planning your next trip? One of your co-workers will definitely have been wherever you are going to, know all the best bars and experiences and be able to hook you up with some great hotels, drivers and locals!


2. A world of opportunity

As well as an industry you can be passionate about, the travel industry is extremely vast with many different job opportunities. Whether it be at a sales level as a travel agent, on the ground as a tour guide or hotel manager, or in a corporate position in marketing or customer service – there are so many roles to choose from! Working for a large company like Flight Centre Travel Group also makes it easier to move up in the ranks and take steps to further your career. You are also exposed to different parts of the industry and may also find yourself drawn to an area you never thought you would be!


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3. Benefits galore

As part of the job, especially in a sales role like a Travel Agent, you will be forming relationships with people working in various airlines, cruise lines, hotels, tour companies and lots more. So don’t be surprised if these relationships result in some perks like a famil or great discounts. Working in the industry also means you are the first to hear about upcoming travel deals, new travel packages or cruise destinations. It pays to be in the know!


4. Innovation abounds

In such a large, constantly changing industry, there is a need for constant innovation through the use of technology and big data. From apps that help suggest what you should pack on your trip to getting a taste of your destination through virtual reality or digital passports and travel wallets - there is a lot to keep up with and loads to learn!


Does the travel industry appeal to you? If you are looking to set yourself up for success in the travel industry, give yourself a head start and check out our travel agent short courses and Diploma of Travel & Tourism!


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Written by Katie Collaro

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