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Why You Need a Career Coach or a Career Mentor

We seek out the knowledge and wisdom of others to help us succeed when learning a musical instrument, a foreign language, or a new sport… so why …

We seek out the knowledge and wisdom of others to help us succeed when learning a musical instrument, a foreign language, or a new sport… so why should our careers be any different?

Mentors can provide us with invaluable advice on how to reach our professional goals, build successful habits and motivate us to stay on track on a path they have walked before, all while barracking in our corner.

With the right mentor, you’ll be trailblazing your way to career success. Here’s why you need one!


Turbo-Charge your Learning... and your Career!

A mentor can fast-track your career by challenging your thinking and opening your eyes to new perspectives. They can often see where we have room to improve when we cannot, and your mentor will likely have at least 10 years extra experience and knowledge for you to draw on, so be open to receiving coaching from them. Ask questions, listen and learn from their mistakes, and keep an open mind. Learning is a lifelong pursuit and crucial for career advancement, and having a mentor is one of the best ways to learn by helping you stay relevant and in demand.


Goal Setting & Accountability

Setting measurable goals helps propel us forward, and having a mentor can prove valuable by acting as your trusted advisor and sounding board for new ideas. Write your goals down and communicate them to your mentor, and work together on a strategy on how to achieve them. A mentor will always empower you to make your own decisions, and having regular check-ins with them will help keep you accountable, as all action is up to you!


Inspiration & Motivation

By sharing stories of their own success and personal experiences, a mentor will inspire and motivate, giving you the confidence to seize opportunities you may not have considered before. A good mentor will give you direction, providing constructive feedback where it’s due and the encouragement to break out of your comfort zone. They want to see you reach your full potential, and will give you the push you need to learn new skills required for future roles.


Your Personal Career Cheerleader

By having a mentor, you’ll have someone in your corner who wants to see you succeed. They’ll be your number one cheerleader and advocate of your achievements, celebrating with you when things are going well, and encouraging you when they’re not. Whatever you’re facing, chances are your mentor will have been through the same thing in their career, so having someone on your side who understands the challenges of your chosen career path will be a great support and make you happier at work.


Expand your Network

Another benefit of having a mentor is having access to their vast networks, helping you expand your own by introducing you to contacts and influences in your industry. If you’re facing a problem and your mentor doesn’t have the answer, it’s highly likely they’ll know someone who will.


Choosing the Right Mentor

The first step in choosing the right person is being clear on why you want a mentor and knowing what you want to achieve. Once you’ve defined what you’re looking for, use LinkedIn to reach out to people in your industry who you admire that are two or three steps above your level at work. Seek out mentors that will help you continue to develop your growth mindset, and send them an invitation to connect.

Ultimately, by having a mentor, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. And remember, if you don’t ask, the answer is always “no!”.


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