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#Freshstart: Greg Starts His New Travel Career

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Meet Gregory Matijevic. In just a few days our newest Travel Academy graduate will start work at Flight Centre Penrith Westfield Plaza as a travel consultant.

That's right - it's a new year and a new career for this chap...

Greg once wanted to be a police officer, but became a fitness trainer instead. That was before he became so hooked on travel he knew it needed to be a part of his everyday work.  

We reckon Greg is a very inspirational – and a very happy guy to read about right now.

That’s why we are extra stoked to share his  story with you at the start of 2017 and just days before he starts his new gig. Just think, this could be you in 2018! #FreshStart

Greg in classWhy train at Travel Academy?

I have spent many years travelling to different countries and I enjoyed this and the different cultural experiences so much I wanted to live to help other people get to experience what the world has to offer as well.

Wow. Was there any trip in particular that stood out?

Travel allowed me to move to Canada for two years, which changed my life because I had a plethora of amazing moments with my co-workers and friends. I loved the experience of a white christmas and building snowmen and snow angels. Now I want to show everyone how much fun and how many great experiences they will have with travel.

Canada was life-changing for you, but was travel always part of your Greg suited up!
career plan?

I graduated year 12 in 2010 and wanted to join the police force. In 2011, I decided to study fitness instead. When I graduated my fitness course a year later I went on a Contiki tour to Europe to celebrate. After spending a month in Europe I got the travel bug and wanted more. For the next two years I lived in Toronto, Canada and only recently moved back to Australia to pursue my dream travel career  with Travel Academy. Once I started to travel I thoroughly enjoyed it and wanted to keep experiencing it in my life.


What were some of the highlights and challenges during your course?

During my course I have made some amazing memories with both fellow classmates and all of my great trainers. The help and support from the trainers makes the course fun and exciting. I would not have become so successful if I did not have the support and guidance of all the trainers but one trainer I am very thankful for is Renee Gaudry. She has been there for me at every possible chance and has allowed me to fully understand all concepts taught.



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Greg travelling!Sounds like you had fun at training. Now tell us about your exciting new job (and career!)… 

I have been offered a job with Flight Centre as a travel consultant. My start date is 6 January, which gives me enough time to finish the rest of my Travel Academy assessments before working full time. That's right, I landed a job before I finished my studies!

Was this job your end goal while you were studying?

Yes! I always intended to pursue a job with Flight Centre and this is this is why I undertook the training. I have been very fortunate to gain such a great job already. It was only the second time I went to recruitment and I felt really prepared because my trainer Renee offered to do some extra role plays to prepare me for the real interview.

What’s next for you? Tell us your career goals…

I haven’t started my job yet but I am sure that I will experience many things that will allow me to grow as an individual and enjoy my work.

In the future I would like to experience more of the world and potentially move up the Flight Centre chain and have the opportunity to work for Flight Centre in other countries.

What advice would you give to people thinking about training for the travel industry?

If you enjoy travelling and would like to get paid to travel I would recommend training with Flight Centre Academy. Not only do you get training in travel and business but the trainers are there to help you with hands-on, practical experience every step of the way.

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