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In this series, we take a closer look at some of the subjects covered in the Diploma of Travel and Tourism. We asked our students a few questions about their experience.

Subject Series #3 Understanding People & Organisations

This subject introduces students to the concept of an organisation, and their role within the organisational context. The student will explore the impact of their relationships and emotional intelligence within a business context, as well as developing the skills to foster effective workplace relationships and learn how to continue to develop and refine these skills in the workplace. 

What is the most interesting thing you have learnt in this subject?

Maddie: I found this subject interesting because it relates so much back to my personal and work life.

Shanae: I found the cultural diversity part of the subject interesting. It opened my eyes to the different ways people see cultures.

Bree: How much time and planning goes into developing and integrating teams.

Stephanie: The philosophies that Flight Centre Travel Group upholds.


What did you love about this subject?

Maddie: I loved my facilitator and how well she presented the subject so I properly understood all the content.

Shanae: The facilitator broke all the content down in an easy to understand way.

Bree: All the quizzes we did to relate what we were learning about ourselves.

Stephanie: Learning more about Flight Centre and getting a deeper understanding of the people in the business.

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Why do you think this subject will benefit you when working in a travel role?

Maddie: How I can use my new knowledge about emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Shanae: I will be more aware of other people's personalities in the workplace and have more understanding of why they behave in certain ways.

James: How to work with colleagues and customers in a travel store!

Yazmyn: The cultural sensitivity aspect which will help when dealing with customers, team leaders and other travel consultants!


Do you think it is worth doing a travel course?

Maddie: I think it is worth doing a course in travel, I have learnt so much and have gained knowledge I can take into my career in travel.

Shanae: Yes, definitely worth doing the course! I know so much more about travel than I ever thought I would.

Stephanie: Yes! You learn so much - things I had absolutely no idea about.

Tyla: If you love travel and strive to work within the industry - definitely!


Does this subject sounds exciting to you? If you love travel and everything that comes with it, why not chase your passion! Check out our Diploma of Travel & Tourism to learn more about the course and other subjects our students undertake!

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