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Study Series: How To Deal With Exam Stress

Currently enrolled or looking to enrol in a Tourism Course? There is no doubt that the most stressful time in a semester is the last few weeks of …


Currently enrolled or looking to enrol in a Tourism Course? There is no doubt that the most stressful time in a semester is the last few weeks of final assessment. Don’t be alarmed when you find yourself in a complete and utter tizzy, pulling your hair out while rocking back-and-forth in your chair.

But never fear! There are plenty of ways to deal with exam stress and we have jotted some down for you.

Be prepared

Nothing heightens exam stress more than being totally underprepared. If you are already weeks behind and need to use your revision period to learn past weeks course material, then there is no doubt you’re going to be a little anxious. The key here is to not put yourself in this position in the first place! Stay ahead of your course material by planning out enough study time each week. Or else, you’re looking at some late nights, early mornings and strong coffee.


Create a study timetable

When you’re a week away from final exams and your head is all over the shop, the best thing to do is to write out a study timetable. Doing this is a good way to see if you are giving enough time to each bit of course material. Creating a study timetable will also make you feel more organised and will hopefully clear that crazy mess in your mind.


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Study with friends

Research show that studying with friends is more beneficial in helping you retain information than studying alone. This is because you are often verbalising your study notes and explaining key points which helps reinforce information in your mind. Studying with friends can also help expand your knowledge - you may find your friends will teach you things you don’t even remember being taught in class (probably too busy thinking about lunch). However, more importantly, studying with friends is just way more fun than doing it alone.


Ask for help

If all else fails and you find yourself completely stressed out and seriously worrying if you will be able to scrap a pass mark – ask your teacher for help! They may be able to find the gaps in your knowledge and point out the most important course material for you to be spending your precious study time revising.

No all you need to do is show up to the exams and ace them. Good luck!

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Written by Katie Collaro

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