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Study Series: 5 Tips To Prepare For Full-Time Study

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Getting used to full-time study can take some adjustment and no doubt your lifestyle will see some changes. The key to tackling this change is preparation! So what are some key tips to help you adjust to your new life, stress free?

Get organised

The most important part of successfully balancing full-time study with work, exercise and your social life is simple – scheduling! Organisation is key. At the beginning of each semester, take out your iCal, Google Calender, diary, or whatever your organisation weapon of choice is and write down all your assessment dates. Next, work backwards from your assessment and block out periods of time you will need to study or do said assessment. Now you know how much time you have to live the rest of your life and can plan your brunches, half-marathon training or catch-up-drinks accordingly. The only other trick to scheduling is to remember to check your calendar everyday – if you’re using a digital calendar, set up alerts so you can’t forget!


Get ahead

Life doesn’t always go to plan and balancing a full-time study load with everything else means that occasionally, you are going to fall behind. Falling behind one week can mean you are constantly playing catch-up for the rest of the semester. A good idea to combat this is to schedule out a few hours every week for study catch-up. Doing this means on the weeks you fall behind you already have some time blocked out to get ahead again, or when this time isn’t needed, free time to catch up on other things in life that might be slacking – like that half-marathon training...


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Make friends

Having friends in your course can be beneficial for many reasons. Firstly, it makes your study more enjoyable. Complaining about how much study you have to do just isn’t as fun when you only have yourself to whinge too. Conveniently, these same friends will also be around when you complete your last exam and need somebody to celebrate with! Having friends in your course also means you will have people to study with, let you know when you have the time for your final exam wrong and remind you that that 2,000 word essay you forgot about is due tomorrow.


Keep healthy

Lastly, it is really important to eat well and sleep enough. Balancing your life and studies can be hard, but you don’t want to burn out early – save that for the semester break! To keep yourself in the right frame of mind to ace your assessment, stick to healthy study snacks and give yourself enough sleep to properly function the next day. If you find your brain starting to struggle mid-study, take yourself for a walk outside or give yourself a change of scenery and study in the park.


Now you know all the tips to nailing full-time study – you are well equipped to get the qualification! #graduate


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