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How Sue Graduated From Travel Academy and Landed a Job!

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Sue Oostveen is a Flight Centre Travel Academy Graduate who landed a job at Cruiseabout in Victoria! We asked Sue some questions about her journey into the travel industry.  

1. What made you want to start a career in the travel industry? 

I have always had a huge passion for travel and with the support of my two children and husband, I decided to follow my heart and turn my passion into a career! I enjoy helping family and friends plan their holidays – so for me, this seemed like the right move.


2. Why did you choose the Flight Centre Travel Academy to pursue your career in travel? 

1 (2).pngI first heard about the Flight Centre Travel Academy after seeing an ad on Facebook for an open day in Melbourne. After telephoning and speaking to staff at the academy, I booked in to see what it was all about. When I attended the open day, I knew 100% this was right for me and Travel Academy was where I wanted to study tourism. 


3. What was the highlight during your study with us?

There were many highlights during my study at the academy, firstly meeting my trainers: Bliss, Jane and Phoebe. The amount of support they offer is a truly amazing and I thank them all so much for their help. The friendships I made with my classmates was another great highlight – thanks to Cam, Gen, Lalita and Aden for all their support and lunch break study sessions! It was good to be able to study as a team.

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2 (2).png4. How did you find out about the Cruiseabout position? 

Cruiseabout actually approached me with the position after I helped out on their stand at the Melbourne Travel Expo in February.  


5. If you could share one piece of advice for others looking at getting into the industry, what would it be? 

Follow your heart, follow your passion. I’m 47 years of age which goes to show you’re never too old to follow your dreams.  

Are you ready to follow your passion and start a career in the travel industry like Sue? Perfect - let us help you get there! Check out our Diploma of Travel & Tourism run in conjunction with Torrens University Australia!

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