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Study Series: How a Travel Qualification Can Help You Get Ahead

When looking for job in the travel industry, it can sometimes be hard to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Having a real passion for travel is …


When looking for job in the travel industry, it can sometimes be hard to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Having a real passion for travel is always essential, however being equipped with a qualification can give you that extra edge against other candidates and spark an employer’s interest.  So what does having completed a travel course, travel diploma, degree or certificate tell a potential employer? 

1. More advanced knowledge

First and foremost, a travel qualification demonstrates a more advanced knowledge of the travel industry and systems used. In the Diploma of Travel and Tourism delivered in conjunction with Torrens University Australia, you will get the chance to develop a range of skills in areas we know are essential for success in the Industry such as: sales techniques, business communication, marketing fundamentals and tourism management.  Attainting these skills will increase your confidence when walking into your first job within the travel industry or enhance any prior experience you may have and even play a part in landing you a higher position.


2. Provides a great first impression

It is always ideal to have something on your resume that catches an employer’s eye whilst they are shuffling through a large pile of job candidates. An industry specific qualification will help you stand out to a potential employer and set you apart from other candidates who are lacking in travel industry knowledge and experience.


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3. Shows dedication & commitment

Not only does a completed travel course show you have a more advanced knowledge in the industry, but it clearly demonstrates your dedication and passion. If you lack previous experience in the industry, a qualification shows your determination to do what it takes to get your foot in the door. Not only this, but completing a travel qualification requires hard work and long hours - this kind of commitment will not go unnoticed by a potential employer.


4. Help you understand the industry

Travel Courses like ours will not only provide you with traditional style learning, but also with the practical skills that we know you need. You will use widely-recognised travel systems and gain  face-to-face time with experienced industry trainers. Not only this, being immersed in our head offices across Australia while undertaking facilitated (in-class) learning, will give you first-hand experience of what it’s like to work for a travel industry leader.


To learn more about our courses that will set you up to enter into the travel industry view our Diploma of Travel & Tourism and Short Travel Courses web page.


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Written by Katie Collaro

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