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Wanting a career change? Why now is the time to study!

Currently in a job that you’re not happy or passionate about? Lost your job due to the current pandemic? Ready for a career change, but not sure where to start? Now could be the perfect time to study to get you on your way to the job you’ve always wanted!

If you’ve been working a job that just isn’t you and you’re dreaming of a new career but unsure if you have the skills or experience to make the change over, then studying may be the best path way for you to make your dreams a reality!

Right now while job availability is lower, studying would be a great option to get ahead for when the return of industries affected by the pandemic will experience a rise in business and have a large amount of job opportunities back on offer.

Don't have the time to commit to a long degree?

Don’t want to spend 3 to 4 years studying a degree or need to continue working throughout your studies? Then a diploma would be a great choice for you. A diploma can be completed in under 12 months if undertaken as full time study or in as little as 16 months as part time.

Here at the Flight Centre Travel Academy, we offer a range of study options to best suit your situation so that you can achieve your goal of studying for the career change you are seeking. With the option of full time or part time study as well as being able to choose between attending facilitated classes or completing the entire diploma online, our Diploma of Travel and Tourism will give you every opportunity to succeed in completing the course.

Why people seeking a career change choose Flight Centre Travel Academy

The Flight Centre Travel Academy is a popular choice for people seeking a change of career and a great study option that allows students to learn all of the up to date and relevant knowledge needed to transition into a career within the travel industry, including hands on work experience. Hear from one of our graduates Kerrie White on why the Diploma of Travel and Tourism was the right choice for her:

“I wanted to change careers as I have always had a passion for travel, I chose the diploma offered by the Flight Centre Travel Academy as I saw Flight Centre as the leader in travel agencies and would love a career with them. I continued to work throughout my studies, I did my first 4 subjects part time and my final 4 as full time, with good planning and organisation I was able to keep a balance and successfully complete the diploma.”                                                                                                                                                                   (Kerrie White, Flight Centre Graduate)

If you're like Kerrie and have a passion for travel and want a flexible study experience, take a look at our Diploma of Travel and Tourism.

Now is the time to begin your studies! Start now and be ready for when the travel and tourism industry begins to rise again.

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