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Subject Series: Understanding People & Organisations


In this series, we've asked our Facilitators to talk us through some of the subjects covered in the Diploma of Travel and Tourism. 


Understanding People & Organisations is one of my favourite subjects to teach as it explores some really interesting concepts that can be applied to so many areas in both one’s personal and professional life.

The topics covered in this subject are extremely relevant in the industry right now. Many organisations are identifying the importance and benefits of emotional intelligence in the workplace. The key to being successful in today’s climate is the ability to have self-awareness, be able to manage your emotions positively, be socially aware and maintain good working relationships with others.

Have you ever wondered how some people are more motivated than others to perform? In this subject, we explore the theories of motivation and how everyone is slightly different in what drives them to do what they do. 

We also identify some of the key factors that contribute to working in high performing teams, and how cultural and generational diversity within an organisation is something to be embraced. Improving our cultural intelligence (or CQ) is often desirable as globalisation and multiculturalism become more and more prevalent in the workplace today and in the future.

Our students always find it interesting, especially when we discuss the topic of generational differences. We often have a mix of Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z in the classroom which is awesome (or LIT) for gaining an appreciation of each other and our preferred methods of communication #dontyoudaretextmethat.  We also watch some hilarious clips on generational differences that will make you LOL (or laugh profusely, if you please).

Together, we explore some of the common dysfunctions of a team, perhaps you might even relate to some of them in your current or previous workplaces? Imagine walking away with some tools on how to turn your team around and how to work more effectively with each other!  

We also take a behind the scenes look at the secret to Flight Centre Travel Group’s (FCTG) success and how creating and positive (and extremely fun) organisational culture can benefit a company in so many ways – from increasing staff retention, attracting and recruiting great employees, improving performance outcomes to simply just lifting employee morale!

Does this subject sounds exciting to you? If you love travel and everything that comes with it, why not chase your passion! Check out our Diploma of Travel & Tourism to learn more about the course and other subjects our students undertake!

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