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Current student Josh starts as Travel Consultant as part of our Work + Study Program

Recently Flight Centre Travel Academy ran a specialised Work + Study Program for students wanting to become Travel Consultants, in partnership with …
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    24 November 2018

    Why You Need a Career Coach or a Career Mentor

    We seek out the knowledge and wisdom of others to help us succeed when learning a musical instrument, a foreign language, or a new sport… so why shoul…
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    18 November 2018

    Meet the facilitator: Ashley Obara

    Ashley is one of our WA Course Facilitators and has been in the travel industry for over 7 years. Today we chat with Ashley about her journey in the i…
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    11 November 2018

    Top 5 up & coming travel destinations in 2019

    Venturing off the beaten path can often be where the true origins of a destination can be found, an insight into how things were before the overflow o…
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    4 November 2018

    From graduation to job - Stephanie tells her story!

    After seeing a Facebook Ad online for Flight Centre Travel Academy, Stephanie applied to study the Diploma of Travel and Tourism. After expressing her…
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    28 October 2018

    7 biggest interview mistakes as told by our recruiters!

    We asked our recruitment experts for some feedback on common interview blunders and bad habits, and here our National Recruitment Leader, Sonja Moxham…
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    16 October 2018

    How Sarah went from Travel Diploma to Bachelor Degree!

    Our recent graduate, Sarah, is excited to be able to jump straight into a Bachelor of Business with Torrens University Australia after recently gradua…
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    15 October 2018

    Read how Cheryl pursued a career in an industry she loves!

      After travelling through South America, Cheryl decided she wanted to pursue a career in travel. Instead of jumping right in, Cheryl decided to enrol…
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    24 September 2018

    The Best Paying Jobs For People Who Love Travel

    Looking for a way to support your wanderlust, as well as your bank account? You needn’t put your career on hold or sacrifice a good income to fulfill …
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    16 September 2018

    4 Most Influential Leaders in the Travel Industry

    As one of the largest sectors of the global economy, the travel industry is big business, and has spawned some of the world’s most successful business…
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    9 September 2018

    5 Best Places for a Working Holiday

    Thanks to Australia’s great relationship with other countries, the choices of working holiday Visas for young Aussies are plentiful, offering a great …
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