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From graduation to job - Stephanie tells her story!

After seeing a Facebook Ad online for Flight Centre Travel Academy, Stephanie applied to study the Diploma of Travel and Tourism. After expressing her interest to work at Flight Centre during her studies, her facilitators set her up with an interview and weeks later, Steph was in-store!

What motivated you to inquire about the Flight Centre Travel Academy Diploma? 

I wanted a change from a job to a career. Something I would love doing every day. I saw an add on Facebook for the Flight Centre Travel Academy and it was like a light bulb moment. I'd never worked in a travel or sales role before and so I decided to see what would be in store an find out if it would help get me to the career I wanted! (spoiler alert: IT DID!

What was the deciding factor to enrol in the Diploma of Travel and Tourism?

My ultimate deciding factor was that I'd be graduating with a nationally recognized qualification and have the possibility of working with a company such as Flight Centre. 

What parts of the course did you enjoy?

I really loved the in class training at Flight Centre HQ because I was able to get hands-on learning experiences from industry professionals. Lori & Katrina (QLD facilitators) are truly amazing and have so much knowledge and experience to share!

What did you find difficult about the course and how did you overcome it? 

I found the online subjects the most difficult because I hadn't studied at a university level before and never online. However, I overcame these obstacles by utilising my resources, my support systems (such as facilitators at FCTA who were always there to help no matter what), as well as honestly believing I could get through the content and assessments.

Where are you now? 

I am working as a full time travel consultant for Flight Centre, just one year after starting my Diploma with Flight Centre Travel Academy and only two months after graduating!

How did you land the job with Flight Centre?

Before completing my diploma with Flight Centre I spoke to my facilitators about recruitment. My facilitators spoke to the recruitment team and I was then contacted by recruitment. I was told that I'd be able to attend a recruitment day - even though I hadn't quite finished my Diploma! I used the knowledge and skills I learnt, which I truly believe helped me and was offered a position with Flight Centre for as soon as I returned from an overseas trip!

What would your advice be to other people looking to apply?

If you're looking for a career in travel, but are unsure how to get there, definitely look into this Diploma with FCTA. This diploma really sets you up with industry knowledge that you can use in any company not just Flight Centre. There are also so many opportunities - even as a students - that you can grab hold of,  like work experience and fast tracking to a recruitment day if you choose to work for Flight Centre! 

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