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17 Signs You Need a Career Change




Imagine waking up before your alarm in the morning, excited about the day ahead – and it’s a MONDAY!

Imagine happily planning your to-do list on your way to work, walking in with a smile and saying 'Good Morning' to your team (and actually meaning it, too).

Imagine saying “It’s 5 o’clock already?!”, or planning your next six to 12 months feeling like there are endless opportunities waiting for you.

Imagine a life-long career you love, where the minor hiccups are outweighed by the joy you get from your day-to-day.

Can’t see yourself there? You almost certainly need to think about changing jobs. The warning signs are there – how many can you tick off?


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1. You almost break down when you realise it’s only Tuesday, not Thursday

2. You daydream about doing something – anything – else

3. When someone asks what you do, you quickly change the subject


4. Your passion and your job are totally unrelated


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5. You can’t remember the last time you felt excited to go to work


6. You struggle to get excited when good things happen at work

7. When Sunday afternoon rolls around, anxiety sets in


8. You’re not being challenged or learning anything new


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9. You stay in bed until the last possible minute every morning

10. You start getting a little jealous of friends who love their job


11. The best part of your workday is lunch


12. You’ve been talking to friends about trying to find a new job for months


13. You procrastinate on tasks you used to be able to tick off in minutes

14. Things aren’t great in the pay / praise / promotion department


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15. You’ve started taking a sneaky sickie now and then


16. Money and comfort zone are all that’s keeping you at your current job

17. You got right to the bottom of this list! 


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