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How to get a Job

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Discover what makes us different to other education providers. We focus on first-class education with industry placements. 

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All of our pathways set you up for a successful career in the travel and tourism industry through supported career advice and navigation, through to employment. 

We Understand 

We understand that maintaining a balance between your study and work commitments is crucial to setting yourself up for a successful career.

The combination of university level knowledge and first-hand industry experience, led by our team of accredited facilitators, through our variety of pathways allows you to create a sustainable career in travel. 

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Our Pathways

At Flight Centre Travel Academy we provided university-accredited education with real world employment. Discover our range of pathways that will launch your career in the travel and tourism industry. Our team of experts will help place you in the tourism job of your dreams. 

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Finding Work After Graduation

At Flight Centre Travel Academy, we're here to support your career journey even after you graduate! Our dedicated Program Team works closely with both current students and graduates to help them make the right next steps for their career.

Program Team

Our Program Team is dedicated to executing first-class support throughout your entire adventure. Each of our pathways have their own dedicated Program Leader, so you know your support will be tailored to your specific needs.

With 50+ years of experience combined, this team has the knowledge and insider know-how that will help you to identity and achieve your goals. 

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Enjoy life now and don't look back

Discover more about the Diploma of Travel and Tourism by downloading our Course Guide today.

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