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What our students say about us!

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During our recent Work, Study + Fly Sneak Peek event, we had the pleasure of speaking with students to gather their feedback on the program, their studies, the Flight Centre Travel Academy team, and beyond.

Here's a few insights they shared ...

student feedback - SAMWe asked Sam his thoughts about the Work, Study + Fly program:

"I'm on the Work, Study + Fly program that Flight Centre Travel Academy recently started, and I've been loving it so far... I have enjoyed the experience of interacting with my course leaders (facilitators). They have been really helpful, and I can't thank them enough."


student feedback - NONGNUTNongnut told us about the Work, Study + Fly Sneak Peek event: 

"My favourite part is just getting to know everyone in the group and to see the facilitators and Flight Centre Headquarters in real life is pretty amazing. The course itself is great. I’m doing full-time, and the facilitators once again are very supportive. If I have any doubts or questions I can just reach out and then they are always fast to get back to me."


student feedback - CHIRAMWe asked Chiram about the FC Travel Academy Facilitators: 

"From day one, the facilitators have always had my back. They are always checking on my progress, calling me, emailing me and I'm very grateful for that.
My favourite thing that I have learned is that I am very confident of my future and definitely this is what I want to do and continue on my journey."


student feedback - KURTWe spoke to Kurt about our diploma and managing the study load: 

"The diploma I am doing now has been super manageable. I'm thankful for my facilitators and the support that I have in my studies. I would recommend to anyone who is really passionate about aviation or becoming a flight attendant that you just go for it."



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