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Travel Agent vs The Internet

Travel Agent vs The Internet

One question that we get asked a lot is: "should I book with a travel agent or am I better off doing it myself"? Here's what we think...

We think there are benefits of both!

For instance, if you're planning on visiting your relatives in Cairns, the internet wins. It's as easy as jumping on, comparing flights and booking yourself a return ticket. But when it comes to bigger adventures, we think you're far better off going through a travel agent. This is where people can often disagree.

To settle things once and for all... it's tiiiime... for the Travel Agent vs The Internet!


1. A Travel Agent is your biggest advocate if anything goes wrong

The Internet can't call the hotel you're struggling to check-in to and confirm that, a) your reservation was confirmed and b) you should now get a complimentary upgrade. Travel Agents can.


2. Cost, time and stress

Travel Agents don't necessarily cost more. In fact, if you factor in your time, energy and stress, travel agents cost less! You might spend hours researching a location or activities; Travel Agents get paid to do this for you! It is their job to sift through all your options and find the perfect match.


3. Advice

Sure, the Internet can offer up loads of reviews from the many different websites but can they give you that face-to-face personalised experience? A Travel Agent can. After all, it is part of their job to travel around the globe and "familiarise" themselves with everything each country can offer. 


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4. Fly next to your mate

No one likes flying next to a complete stranger and sometimes when you book through the Internet you don't have the option to allocate your own seating. A Travel Agent does. They can get your seats together, on the same flight, at the same time #heckyeah


5. Price matching and beating

Only a handful of online options offer price matching or beating and when they do, it's usually very difficult to justify. A Travel Agent can match the price and the spot and beat it! 


6. Payment plans and options

A lot of people don't know this one but most Travel Agent's offer up interest free loans and options to help fund your dream holiday! With the Internet, you are usually limited to paying on credit... hello high interest rates (yuck)! Travel Agent's have access to great industry partners who can get you across the globe without charging you an arm and a leg.


Who do you think won this battle? 


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