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How the Travel Academy Helped Launch Tegan's Overseas Working Holiday


Tegan's Quote 

One thing every single one of our students have in common is a never-ending passion for travel, and our Tegan is no exception.


How did you come to study at the Travel Academy?

After I finished my HSC the only plan I had was to travel the world… or at least Europe in the short term.
Once I completed a three-month tour of Europe, I knew whatever career I chose had to involve travel in some way. The trip was such a life-changing experience. I saw an advertisement for Flight Centre Travel Academy and the rest is history.

The greatest challenge was not going on a million holidays after all the wanderlust inspiration this course gave me!


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Tell us about some of the people you met during your tourism course

My amazing in-class trainer for all three terms was Ashley. She made each class enjoyable and was always there to assist me when I needed a hand with course work, or even just tips for planning my own travels! I had a great time learning from her and, believe me, I learnt a lot.

Evan May, our NSW Business Coach, was so helpful to me in my last term. Her study sessions and workshops for particularly tricky assignments really helped me get through the course in one piece! She was always there when I needed assistance via email or phone too.

Seeing the amazing team at the Academy every day (not just my trainers) and seeing how happy and passionate they all are about what they’re teaching and travel in general was a real highlight.

They’re an amazing group of people and I’m going to miss being in that environment. I also loved all the representatives who came in from different companies to talk about their products. 

What advice would you give to people thinking about studying travel?

If travel is something you dream about or you’re passionate about, give it a go! It can be hard work but in the end you’ll have a qualification that will enable you to work in an industry that provides people with amazing moments and memories, and also helps you see more of the world.

I feel extremely prepared to enter a job in travel after completing this diploma and am very excited to do so! I can’t wait to work in the tourism industry – I feel so passionately about it.

Do you have any plans for travel in the near future? 

I’m actually planning on taking an overseas working holiday to the United Kingdom! I’ll start by doing a tour of Eastern Europe before settling in to work in the UK (hopefully within the tourism industry), save, and continue to travel around Europe and the United Kingdom for the next two years before returning back to Australia.

I’m not quite sure what kind of travel career I'd like to have when I return; possibly something in wholesale, but I think my tendency to constantly brainstorm different trips would suit a job as a travel agent.Tegan with a T!

Has travel always been an important part of your life?

Travel has always been something that has taken up a very large part of my life. I used to walk past all the Flight Centre stores and stare at the brochures and the price boards just dreaming of all the places I could go.


I also love introducing an obsession with travel to my friends and family, encouraging them to take a leap of faith and see something they've always labelled as a ‘one day’ experience.

I think travelling is something that everyone should do at least once in their lives no matter how large or small the trip. Travel brings people together and makes us realise how we’re all not so different after all. It’s something I've always been passionate about.


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