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Top 5 reasons to become a Travel Consultant


Are you passionate about exploring new places and helping others experience the joy of travel? Becoming a travel consultant might be the perfect career for you. 

Here are the top reasons why this exciting profession could be your dream job 😍👍🌏

FCTC blog 21. Turn your love for travel into a career:

If exploring new destinations and cultures excites you, why not make it your job? As a travel agent, you get to immerse yourself in the world of travel every day, sharing your enthusiasm and expertise with clients who are eager to experience the adventures you recommend.

2. Create Lifelong Memories for Others:

There’s nothing quite like the joy of helping someone plan their dream holiday or a special event. As a travel consultant, you play a pivotal role in crafting unforgettable experiences that your clients will cherish forever. Knowing you’ve helped make their travel dreams come true is incredibly fulfilling.

3. Benefit from Travel Perks and Discounts:

FCTC blog 3

One of the exciting perks of being a travel consultant is access to exclusive discounts and deals on flights, hotels, tours and holidays packages. Plus, you often get opportunities for familiarization trips (FAM trips), where you can explore new destinations at a reduced cost or even for free, helping you provide firsthand knowledge to your clients.

4. Enjoy a Dynamic and Ever-Changing Work Environment: 

The travel industry is always evolving, keeping your work dynamic and interesting. You’ll constantly learn about new destinations, travel trends, and cultural insights. Each client brings a unique set of preferences and needs, ensuring that your job is never monotonous and always offers something new and exciting.

5. Enjoy a Career at the heart of the travel industry with Flight Centre Travel Group:

FCTC blog

Flight Centre Travel Group offers a range of fantastic perks, including comprehensive training programs, opportunities for career progression, and a supportive work environment. Employees also benefit from travel discounts, incentives, and the chance to attend global conferences - this year's Global is in Lisbon, Portugal! Working for such a reputable company means you’ll have the support and resources needed to succeed.

“My favourite parts of being a travel consultant were: building connections with clients so I could work out the best trip to meet or exceed their needs; sharing my clients’ excitement pre and post travel; and that with the incentive structure of pay, the work I did was rewarded and my earning potential was up to me."
FCTCblog -Anita
Anita Riley

FC Travel Consultant Program Leader

Choosing to become a travel consultant means embracing a career filled with adventure, personal fulfillment, and endless opportunities to make a difference in others’ lives. It’s a path that combines passion with practicality, allowing you to thrive in a role that’s both fun and rewarding.

Begin your journey to becoming a travel consultant today!


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