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Student Clareesa talked to us about her role at a leading Accor Art Series property

Flight Centre Travel Academy student Clareesa, who is a part of our Work, Study + Lauch Program, sat down with us to talk all things Accor, studies and her career journey.

Clareesa is student of the Diploma of Travel and Tourism and is currently in her second semester of studies. Working full-time at beautiful The Johnson Brisbane - Art Series, whilst studying part-time, Clareesa sat down and shared her insights and experience with us on how to best balance these experiences and what she has loved so far.

The Johnson Brisbane Art Series

Clareesa at The Johnson Brisbane - Art Series 

What are some highlights you have experienced so far since working as a Guest Services Agent at The Johnson? 

I really love the experience of building meaningful connections with both our customers and the other employees here at The Johnson! We have regulars who occupy rooms full-time, so I'm really able to get to know them and work out how to best serve their needs, you truly end up finding common ground with everyone.

What are some of the challenges you have found in the role and how are you getting supported in relation to them? 

Personally, a big challenge is learning to separate your own feelings from the feelings of a guest.  It's important to remember that everyone has good days and bad days.  However, our team is really amazing, and we give each other a lot of advice and tips about how to manage this and ensure we are providing each guest with the best service we can. We always give each other a little "you good?" as a check-in throughout the day.

What learnings have you taken away from the Diploma of Travel and Tourism so far that you now use in your role? 

Everything! I've especially loved the subject Travel Trends and Insights! It's been an exceptional help in my role because I am always reminding myself that some of the biggest trends in travel and consistently impacting our business and I need to be across how this applies to me. Especially, the trend of personalisation; you have to try work with the guest and ensure you get the best outcome for them. Never treat two guests the same. 


The Johnson Brisbane - Art Series

How have you managed studying while working full-time at The Johnson? Do you have any tips and tricks for students looking to join the program? 

I think the support you have around you makes a big impact! Being able to study online is also a massive help as everything is at my disposal if I need to refer to a lecture or tutorial notes. This really makes the work/study balance possible, and I am thankful for it. My mum also works for another Flight Centre Travel Group company, Ignite, so she is a great source of wisdom and support when it comes to the industry and how to navigate it - she actually inspired me to enrol into the Diploma and I've never looked back!  

My best advice would be to have a strong support network around you and communicate with your facilitators and employers about your needs and establish a balance that works for all parties. It's definitely possible! 

Accor has some great support benefits and opportunities for their employees. What have you been loving since working at The Johnson? 

It's so hard to put it down to one or two things but I am loving The Heartist Program! You just learn so much. I really enjoyed learning the four main pillars of what it takes to be a Heartist.

What are you looking forward to with your Accor career?

That my options are endless! You can go so many different properties and places with Accor. I am excited about the opportunity to move and work overseas, as I've always loved to travel. I am also excited about the support and opportunities Accor provides you with to grow and develop within the business. It's an adventure! 

The Johnson Brisbane - Art Series

2-Sep-19-2022-01-58-54-58-AMThe Johnson Brisbane - Art Series


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