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Three Common Questions about Working in Travel


Working in Travel


Have you ever wondered if a career in tourism is as glamorous as people make it out to be?


Like any job, travel and tourism gigs come with their own challenges, but the benefits of exploring new places, meeting new people and broadening your cultural horizons usually outweigh the hard work you need to put in to get there!


Here are three of the most common questions we get asked about the reality of working in the travel industry...

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What kind of tourism careers are out there?

Your career possibilities in tourism are endless! Do you want to become a travel consultant and create amazing travel experiences for others? Do you see yourself working in guest services at a hotel, at an airline check-in counter, as a member of an in-flight cabin crew or on board a cruise ship?


Your role could be anything from organising accommodation to helping guide tours, customer liaison and much more. Jobs opportunities can also include working for travel wholesalers, tour operators, and executive positions.


What do employers look for when recruiting retail travel consultants?

According to our expert trainers at Flight Centre Travel Academy, the three things employers look for in candidates are:


  • Sales experience
  • Qualifications
  • Travel experience


Even if you already have a degree or other qualifications, a course with Flight Centre Travel Academy adds practical training that will set you apart from other potential recruits.


Our courses are designed around the training novice travel consultants and team leaders undertake, giving you inside knowledge about booking systems, travel products and customer experience.

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What qualities do I need for a career in tourism?

Communication is absolutely key in the travel and tourism industry. Whether you’re negotiating accommodation deals or speaking directly with foreign tourists, being able to communicate effectively is the foundation of your customer relationships.


Working in travel means you’ll likely be speaking with people from all kinds of countries, cultures and backgrounds – this means it’s essential to have an appreciation and respect for diversity.

With great patience and understanding, you’ll be able to match the right destination, tour, hotel or experience with the right person, whatever their individual needs may be.


In addition to good communication, you also need to be able to think on your feet, be organised, have a strong desire to help people, and great attention to detail. Of course, a passion for travel goes without saying!


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The trainers at Flight Centre Travel Academy have years of experience working in travel and tourism. They're here to celebrate the success stories of their students, along with sharing their invaluable industry knowledge. Have a question for us? Email travel_academy@flightcentre.com

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