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Pat's Story: From Playing Tigger to Creating Dream Holidays at Flight Centre


Pat's Quote


"Travel is the only thing I've ever been certain about. Even when I was little, the games I'd play with my brother were set in some far-off land.


As you get older, you begin to find out that these places aren’t just a fantasy, and if you work hard you can explore the places you always dreamed of. Unfortunately, the other thing you learn as you get older is that travel costs money!

I've had a job of some sort as far back as I can remember and have 'tested' a variety of different industries. I found it was always best to try a bit of everything.

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I've been a waiter, a lifeguard, an event coordinator; I’ve studied business and have even played Tigger at Walt Disney World.


Without a doubt, they were all amazing experiences but I still felt as though there was something more fitting I could do with my time when I wasn’t travelling.

After a little searching online and discussing my goals with friends and family, I began looking into careers with Flight Centre.


I excitedly put my application together and a week or so later I was informed that I was unsuccessful, which makes sense really – you don't just walk straight into a company worth working for!


But the ever-watchful eyes in the Flight Centre office saw my potential and weren't done with me just yet – I was invited to study travel and tourism at the Flight Centre Travel Academy.

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This is where they basically break you down 'Jason Bourne'-style and turn you into a black belt in holiday bookings!


Well, not quite, but they do teach you some incredibly valuable skills, smooth out any rough edges and give you all the industry knowledge you need for a successful career in travel.


I am proud to say I’m now a member of the Flight Centre family. The company's focus on its people and culture is evident wherever you look and I’m thrilled to begin my new career!"

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Samantha Locke

Written by Samantha Locke

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