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Student Stories: Kim McNamara on Working as a Travel Consultant


Kim's Quote


With her confidence and love of travel, there’s no question our New South Wales graduate Kim McNamara has a bright future ahead!


After taking the skills she learned in class and landed a job as a travel consultant at Flight Centre Kogarah, Kim shares her story of studying with Flight Centre Travel Academy and offers some great advice to anyone is considering a career in travel.

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How has studying travel at the Academy helped you reach your goals?

Flight Centre Travel Academy gave me realistic expectations for a career in travel and all the knowledge of systems I needed when I started my job in travel working as a travel consultant.


A major skill I didn't realise I would develop was confidence. I use what I learned at the Travel Academy every day to help me improve in my role as a travel consultant for Flight Centre. I've even applied for the Assistant Team Leader role in my store!


What were some of the best things about studying at Flight Centre Travel Academy?

During and after studying at Flight Centre Travel Academy, everyday seems like an adventure. I'm constantly learning more about the travel industry and I love it!


I was able to meet so many amazing people that share similar travel experiences and a passion for the industry when I was studying.


With my role as a Flight Centre travel consultant, I have the privilege of sharing my enthusiasm for travel with all of my customers. I am able to use my knowledge to organise the holiday of their dreams and help create memories that will stay with them for a lifetime.


The course at Flight Centre Travel Academy was a truly amazing way to start my career.

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What’s your advice for anyone starting their travel course?

First, take a deep breath! The trainers are there to help you, no matter how stupid you might think your question may be.  


Make sure you take lots of notes and practice what you learned at class on your friends and family.


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