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#KnowTravel Series 2: How To Get Organised For A Visa

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Travelling has got to be one of life’s greatest and most romantic pursuits. However, with all good things come the more practical components...

This general visa information will not only come-in handy for you, but also for your customers who rely on your practical advice to have a smooth-sailing holiday. One of the essentials to ensure a fuss-free and smooth travelling experience is making sure you (and your customers) meet all the necessary visa requirements for each country you intend to visit, before you leave Australia. And by visa we don’t mean making sure you increase the limit on your credit card so you can spend up big in your next location!  
A visa is an endorsement on your passport that says you can enter, leave or stay in the intended country for a specific period of time. The confusing thing about visa requirements is that they are different for each country, so for one trip, you might need to organise multiple visas. There are also some countries that don’t require Australian travellers to have a visa.  

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For countries that do require a visa, remember they are non-negotiable, so don’t think you can just wing-it when you turn up at your given destination if you accidentally forgot to get your Visa sorted out.

You should also know that some countries issue specific visas for specific visitors like tourists or students or business visitors, etc.; and some visas are valid for just a few days and some for a few months. It is also important to confirm if you visa is for single entry or allows you to leave and re-enter your chosen country multiple times.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (dfat.gov.au) has lots of useful and up-to-date advice for travellers who need to obtain visas, but remember the department doesn’t issue visas for overseas travel. For that you need to contact the embassies of the countries you plan to visit directly for the most up-to-date information on their specific visa requirements.

A hot tip to remember is that sometimes it can take a while to be issued with a visa so make sure you plan in advance and apply for your visa well-before your departure date.

Also keep in mind the Australian government is unable to intervene if an Aussie is refused a visa or denied entry to another country so make sure you are thoroughly organised and have a valid visa before you leave the country. If you are refused entry, you will need to shoulder any additional travel costs.

 Okay, now your visa is sorted what are you waiting for? Get packing! 

Did you know: you can learn all of this and more in our short courses!

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