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How Sarah turned her Travel Diploma into a Bachelor Degree!

Our recent graduate, Sarah, is excited to be able to get into a Bachelor of Business with Torrens University Australia after graduating with a diploma of Travel and Tourism from the Flight Centre Travel Academy.

What motivated you to enquire about the Flight Centre Travel Academy's Diploma of Travel and Tourism? 

My friend was interested in the diploma of travel and tourism and thought I would be too. So, she told me what she knew about the course. I was super interested and decided to do my own research as I just needed to know more! 

What was the ultimate deciding factor to enrol in the Diploma of Travel and Tourism?

After sending in an enquiry via the Flight Centre Travel Academy website, I received a call from them. The person I spoke to was so lovely and informative and I knew straight away that I wanted to enrol. I loved learning about so many different and exciting opportunities within the industry and all the different areas you can work in. Also, knowing I could continue my studies if I liked the course (go straight into a second year of an Advanced Diploma and then a third year of the Bachelor of Business with Torrens University Australia), was most definitely the ultimate, deciding factor. 

What parts of the course did you enjoy?

I enjoyed everything about this course. I loved that it was completely online and self-directed learning. The faculty at Flight Centre Travel Academy were very supportive and incredibly knowledgeable.

What did you find difficult about the course and how did you overcome it? 

Due to starting the course as soon as I finished school, I found it a bit difficult to adjust to the online, self-directed learning environment and not having someone to answer questions straight away. I overcome this by making sure I stayed organised and made sure to email my lecturers any questions I had, and they were always great and replied promptly. 

Where are you now? 

I am currently enjoying having a few months off studying, just working and preparing myself for February when I commence the Bachelor of Business. 

What made you decide to continue studying and go on to the Bachelor of Business with Torrens University?

I really loved learning and studying the content in the diploma, and being so young when I started, I still wasn’t 100% sure what exactly I wanted to do. The diploma of travel and tourism showed me that I wanted to learn more about the industry and further my studies to have a successful career in travel and tourism.  

What would your advice be to other people looking to apply for the Diploma?

Give the team at Flight Centre Travel Academy a call, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the course, and you’ll know whether or not this course is right or if you would be more suited to one of their other travel and tourism pathways. 

Find out more about the Flight Centre Travel Academy Bachelor Pathway

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