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Everything You Need to Know About Global Gathering: Flight Centre's Holy Grail Celebration

Flight Centre's Global Gathering

For many of our students currently gaining their travel qualifications, their ultimate goal is to land a job at Flight Centre. While you're busy hitting the books or contemplating your next career move, here's what awaits if you become a high-flyer at Flight Centre.

Imagine a room full of 3,000 people who love travel as much as you do. They’re just as excited as you are to be there; you've all slogged it out for an entire year, riding the highs and making it through the lows.


Every person in that room knows what it takes to be there. Some of these people might even be the reason you’re standing where you are. 

You walk into an auditorium where some of the most inspirational leaders in your company are standing on stage. They’re there to congratulate you and to thank you – yes, YOU! – for all your hard work.


"Global Ball is the biggest party of the year and a huge achievement within Flight Centre. There aren’t many companies in the world that truly recognise and reward you for all of the hard work you put in throughout the year. You’re part of an elite few, worldwide, who attend a weekend you’ll never forget. Once you go to Global, you’ll never want to miss another one!"

– James Bryce, Flight Centre Travel Academy Graduate and first-time Global qualifier

The stage is lit up like Rio Carnivale, the air is thick with energy and smells like, well, maybe a little of last night’s celebrations. It’s like you've just walked into your own Vegas boxing match arena, except there are no losers here.


The room looks like the lovechild of the Olympic Games and a party in Ibiza. The music is pumping through your veins, breathing new life back into you after the wild night before. There’s a spring to your step as you walk down the aisle. You've made it!


All you can do is grin from ear to ear, sharing a look with your teammates, because the way you feel at this moment has left you speechless. 

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Global Gathering is a celebration for the top 10% of high achievers of Flight Centre employees. You can qualify as a team or as an individual, depending on the nature of the business you work in. It's undoubtedly one of the best job perks if you work in travel or tourism!

Global is a themed weekend getaway to an international destination. In the past it’s been held in Barcelona, Paris, Dublin, Cancun, Las Vegas, Macau and this year will be back in Singapore for a Fast and Furious celebration.

Delegates usually arrive on the Friday morning and have some time to prepare for that evening's dress-up party. The next morning everyone gets up (or continues on from the night before) and makes their way to a conference to hear from world-class speakers such as Michael Phelps, Muhammad Yunus and, more recently, Oscar award winning guest speaker, Gwyneth Paltrow.


"Global to me means success. It's a celebration of all your hard work and determination throughout the year."

– Chanel Johnson, Infinity Wholesale. Two-time Global award winner

To top it off, Saturday evening brings a ball-esque event with awards for the best in the business across the globe, and even more live entertainment from the likes of Pitbull, Sneaky Sound System, will.i.am, Jessie J, Havana Brown and Fat Boy Slim – just to name a few!


Unless they choose to extend their wild weekend into a personal vay-cay, everyone departs the unforgettable weekend on the Sunday morning, but not before attending one last hoorah at the recovery pool party – usually sponsored by P&O Cruises. It all passes in the blink of an eye.

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When you work for Flight Centre, Global is the highlight of the social calendar for so many reasons, but above all else you’re there to celebrate success – not just your own achievements, but also those of your teammates, colleagues and every person who makes this company great!


"Global is the party of all parties, celebrating a year's worth of hard work with your team."

– Anna Watts, Travel Academy senior trainer and four-time Global qualifier

Global is a strictly "invite-only" event no amount of money can buy your way in. To secure your place, you have to strive to be better every day: better at your job, better at being a team player, better as a person.


If you have a Flight Centre consultant job, qualifying for Global means you've made your clients' dreams come true, or developed others within your team to be able to reach their highest level goals.


This year for me was about learning the value of how a common goal can bring a team together and achieve the unattainable, in both profit and purpose. That goal was reaching Global together!

"We spend 362 days of the year pushing for our targets. Every win we have worn proudly; every loss a new lesson to be learnt. We pushed as hard as we could to be among the best of the best. To feel the incredible accomplishment that is qualifying for a Global Ball; to share that feeling with thousands of people around the world; to let the Friday night bass beat through your body as you share a drink or 12 with your mates who were lucky enough to be there; you know there is no other place in the world you want to be! The whole weekend is a rush of excitement. It's everything you'd want it to be. The flight that sees you home is filled with thoughts of what you will be doing to make sure next year is exactly the same."


– Brayden Sheehan, Corporate Traveller. Three-time Global award winner

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