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In The Know Series #1 - 3 Travel Industry Trends You NEED To Know About


The goal to become a travel agent is a shared one among many of our students – and why wouldn't it be?! Those romantic notions of planning adventures to far-off places and making people's ultimate travel dreams come true, not to mention the perks of first-hand research! 

In Flight Centre’s 30 plus years, we have seen countless changes in the Travel Industry. One thing we have learnt in this time is that as travel professionals, we have to be on the front foot with ‘what’s next’ to be the best in the business. Customers need to know they can trust their consultants to be in the know, not only about the hottest destinations but also about the changes and developments in the way we travel. So, if you want to know what is happening in the travel world we are here to help!

Here are the Top 3 travel Industry changes and trends you need to know about today!


  1. Technological Advancements 

With high speed internet now available to everyone publicly the way a travel agency operates has been greatly impacted. Adaptations have had to be made in order for face to face travel agencies to remain relevant. Some of these changes include an increased use of technology to give power back to the customer, multi-channel communications with customers have been opened - now people can book via phone or online via tablet, mobile, desktop or if they want a personalised approach - head into store! Customer service hot-lines are now available 24/7 for any after hours issues that may arise. The aim is to provide that irreplaceable human element while still providing a fast and seamless booking experience.

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  1. Rental Clothes

Want to travel bag-free or perhaps you just arrived at your destination only to find your bags had taken a trip of their own? Well, traveling with a suitcase could just be a thing of the past! A new initiative emerging is the service of being able to rent your clothing from a local store at your destination - just click, drag, rent and have your clothes waiting for you at the hotel. Why travel any other way?!


  1. Roamies

Love to feel right at home as soon as you arrive? Part of the roamie network - Roam.co promise comfort, community and productivity in their network of global co-living spaces. More communal than a hotel and more private than a share house - guests can have their space in this style of emerging accommodation option. So, what is a Roamie anyway? A Roamie is described as a 21st century nomad. Perhaps a working traveler who is tied to the internet rather than an office, an adventure seeker studying remotely or just a garden-variety adventurer looking for a longer term co-living space in which to settle for a long, or a little while!


So, what’s next? We’ve only given you 3 of the many current travel trends but there are SO many more! Want to know more? We’ve got a course for that!

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