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23 Signs You Need to go Travelling


When you work in travel, you’re constantly surrounded by travel inspo, whether you’re planning amazing getaways for your clients or there with them on the journey in the sky or out on the open seas.


Being bombarded with everything our wonderful world has to offer can be torture, even if you’re working in the biz! Sometimes, having a holiday on the horizon is all that keeps you going.


If you can relate to any of the below, you might be overdue for some quality travel time...

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1. You get really excited when you see tourists walking around your city

2. Your idea of a sleep-in is any time past 6:30am


3. You live vicariously through friend’s travel pics on Instagram


4. Every time an airfare sale hits your inbox you’re one click away from booking

5. You’ve actually got some savings in your bank account

6. Every time you open the cupboard you feel sorry for your suitcase

7. You’ve forgotten the simple joy of free airport wi-fi

8. Somehow every conversation diverts back to travel

9. You celebrate every Friday like it’s New Year’s Eve

10. You’ve become so restless you take weekend trips to nowhere in particular

11. You actually had to pay for your tan

You've started saying ‘when I was on holiday last year’


13. You’ve gone down a whole frequent flyer status level


14. Stepping out for lunch is the highlight of your day


15. Setting your alarm every Sunday night breaks your heart a little


16. You've never been to the place that's set as your phone background 


17. You listen to a French cafe music Spotify playlist at Starbucks


18. You ‘help’ friends and family plan their trips... and by help, you totally take over


19. Your passport is buried at home... somewhere?


20. The only way you can get the beach-hair look is from a bottle


21. You’ve actually started craving airplane food. Mmm... peanuts...


22. When people at work go on holidays, you’re somewhere between happy and heartbroken


23. You shed a silent tear every #throwbackthursday for your holidays past

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