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COVID-19 Student Updates

Communication Updates 

Please see below our COVID-19 communication sent to students. We've also composed a list of FAQ's which we will continually update. 

16 MARCH 2020

We would like to update you on what Flight Centre Travel Academy (FCTA) is doing regarding the evolving situation around novel coronavirus (COVID-19). 

COVID-19 is continuing to be a growing concern for health authorities worldwide and we are seeing examples in a number of countries of its health, social and economic impacts. 

As a student of FCTA, your health and wellbeing is our greatest prioritiy and we will continue to monitor and follow the advice of the Government and medical advisors. In line with Government guidance on Schools and Universities, classes will continue this week. 

We are currently reviewing all student intakes and class schedules and will provide further communications by Friday, 20th March 2020, to advise if your studies will be affected. Online learning has always been an imperative component of our program and when situations such as the current environment occurs, we can rely on this delivery method to ensure any impact on your studies is minimised.

If you are currently enrolled as an Online student, please be assured that your study program has not been impacted at all and you can continue as normal with your modules and assessments.

Over the coming weeks we will be heavily promoting hygienic practices at all of our FCTA classrooms and Flight Centre Head Office campuses. There will be renewed emphasis on washing hands several times a day, the availability of hand sanitisers and the correct protocols for sneezing and coughing. Our cleaners have been issued updated protocols for cleaning practices that prioritise human contact areas – benches, handles, handrails, toilets etc.

In this current climate, the value of highly educated employees within the travel and tourism industry is critical. Customers require and benefit from the advice, support and care demonstrated by industry professionals across all travel sectors, as they amend, reschedule, or cancel their travel. The travel industry is being dramatically impacted and, just as it did during SARS, 9/11 and the GFC, will bounce back from this and new highly educated employees will be a much sought-after resource to lead the recovery.

Flight Centre Travel Group is in a strong position to endure these current conditions. The future shop closures that were announced last week was a business decision based on some lower performing stores. People are the number one asset at Flight Centre Travel Group, and their future will continue to be a priority focus for the business. Flight Centre is in a strong financial position to navigate through these conditions and has the experience to make a strong recovery.  

At FCTA, we look forward to providing you with our continued support in your journey into the travel and tourism industry. This is an unprecedented situation for all of us, we will continue to keep you updated and in the meantime, please contact us if you have any further questions or concerns:

E: travel_academy@flightcentre.com

P: 1300 369 649

Cameron Boyd
General Manager, Flight Centre Travel Academy


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