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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Year 12 or OR Cert IV or higher
  • Australian and NZ citizens and Permanent Residents. 

If you do not meet the above criteria you may be eligible for Work Life Entry. 

Students must demonstrate their ability to undertake study at the required level:

  • Broadly relevant work experience (documented e.g. CV), demonstrating a reasonable prospect of success; OR
  • Formal, informal or non-formal study, completed or partially completed, demonstrating a reasonable prospect of success; OR
  • Written submission to demonstrate reasonable prospect of success
The total value is $18400, fully covered by Fee Help.

If you are an Australian citizen then you are eligible for Fee HELP, the interest free government loan. You have no upfront costs for the course until you start earning over the $46k threshold. 99% of our students opt to pay for the Diploma this way. If/when you start earning over $46k then it comes out of your wages like taxes. The repayment starts at 1% out of total annual income. 

To learn more about Study Assist repayments, you will find this here https://www.studyassist.gov.au/paying-back-your-loan/loan-repayment

In order to be eligible for the Fee HELP loan, you must be an Australian Citizen or New Zealand citizen living in Australia over 10 years (had to migrate to Aus before the age of 18). Permanent Residents are not eligible for the Fee HELP loan. Temporary visas (Bridging/Student/457 Skilled Migrant) are not eligible for Fee HELP.
Student's must maintain a 50% pass rate, for every four subjects they are enrolled in.
To learn more about Study Assist eligibility, you will find this here https://www.studyassist.gov.au/help-loans/fee-help
Yes, online support will be provided as well as on- campus study workshops. You'll have a team of online facilitators dedicated to help you through your study journey. 
Throughout your course you will have the opportunity to participate in Work experience- this gives you access and insights into the industry. As the industry is changing and adapting to the new landscape, Flight Centre Travel Academy and Flight Centre are moving with this - so when the industry bounces back, skilled and trained industry specialists will be in high demand. 

The great thing about our course is that we cover all areas across the travel and tourism industry so you have the ability to pivot towards any area at any time. You will go through your student pathways throughout the Diploma and will be supported by Flight Centre Travel Academy throughout this process and at completion of the course.

Whilst we don't guarantee you a job what we do to set you up for success through the course is:
  • Job readiness- Career planning short, mid and long term goal and career setting.   Resume building and Self Reflection content to assess and apply to how you interact and place yourself in the workplace. 
  • Personal branding- how to build this and use it to succeed in the workplace - insights on how to frame your experience and knowledge to appeal to employers. 
  • Work Experience - integrated into course for online and blended learning, fully facilitated and supported ( gain certificate of this and reference/feedback on completion of unit from facilitator to add to your resume
Yes, our Diploma of Travel and Tourism is your first year of a Bachelor’s degree with Torrens University Australia. Upon graduation, students can progress straight into their second year of a Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management) with Torrens University. After 2 more years of study with Torrens University Australia, students will be able to graduate with a Bachelor degree. Flight Centre also employ graduates from this program.
Students have an obligation to work independently and apply scholarly academic conventions in examinations and other forms of assessment tasks. Any form of cheating, plagiarism or collusion, or other forms of dishonesty, devalues the quality of student learning and undermines the academic standards of the University. There are serious consequences for students who do not act honestly and with integrity during their studies.

View Academic Integrity Policy

This policy outlines how academic performance is monitored to ensure that students who are at risk of not achieving satisfactory progress receive appropriate learning support and assistance. If a student’s progress remains unsatisfactory, the Torrens University Australia may impose conditions on the student’s continued enrolment or the student may be excluded from continuing their studies in their course.

View Academic Progress Policy

Core to the University’s philosophy is that all students with the capacity to succeed in tertiary study should have the opportunity to do so, regardless of social or educational disadvantage. The University’s Admissions Policy reflects these aims. Student selection is competitive and based on the principles of academic merit and access and equity. Selection processes are applied fairly and openly, and recognise that formal qualifications are not the only measure of the capacity to succeed.

View Admission Policy

Assessment is an integral part of the learning and teaching system and an important aspect of maintaining academic standards. Assessments could include written reports, role plays, presentations and exams. This policy also covers Overdue Assessments, Deferral and Extensions, Exam Resit and Assessment Resubmit for Extenuating Circumstances.

View Assessment Policy

This policy defines the responsibilities and requirements for enrolling in Torrens University Australia subjects and courses, including the enrolments process, types of enrolment, changes to enrolment (including taking leave, withdrawing and cancelling subjects or courses).

View Enrolment and Attendance Policy

Torrens University Australia is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals who interact with any aspect of its business, and will handle personal information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

View Privacy Policy

We'd certainly advise you to contact us directly if you're unsure or unhappy with anything. However this policy is designed to ensure that student complaints are resolved promptly, with sensitivity to all parties, and in accordance with the principles of procedural fairness.

View Student Complaint Policy

The University aims to provide a safe, secure and inclusive learning environment that enables students to fulfil their academic potential. It expects all members of the University community to comply with anti-discrimination and equal opportunity laws and the provisions under this policy. Breaches falling within the parameters of this policy may result in disciplinary action or other appropriate penalties or sanctions.

View Student Conduct Policy

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