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How Sarah went from Travel Diploma to Bachelor Degree!

Our recent graduate, Sarah, is excited to be able to jump straight into a Bachelor of Business with Torrens University Australia after recently …

Our recent graduate, Sarah, is excited to be able to jump straight into a Bachelor of Business with Torrens University Australia after recently graduating from with a Diploma! Read about her experience with the Flight Centre Travel Academy and her advice for future applicants..

What motivated you to inquire about the Flight Centre Travel Academy Diploma? 

My friend was interested in the course and thought I would be too so she told me what she knew about the course and then once I did my own research I just needed to know more! 


What was the ultimate deciding factor to enrol in the Diploma of Travel and Tourism?

After going to an information session, I knew straight away that I wanted to enrol. I loved learning about so many different and exciting opportunities within the industry and all the different areas you can work in. Also, knowing I could continue my studies if I liked the course (go straight into a second year of Bachelor of Business), was most definitely the ultimate, deciding factor. 


What parts of the course did you enjoy?

I enjoyed everything about this course. I loved that it was mostly online, self-directed learning, but I also loved coming into the Travel Academy to complete some subjects and being able to meet other like-minded people.


What did you find difficult about the course and how did you overcome it? 

Due to starting the course as soon as I finished school I found it a bit difficult to adjust to the online, self-directed learning environment and not having someone to answer questions straight away. I overcome this by making sure I stayed organised and made sure to email my lecturers of any questions I had, and they were always great and replied promptly. 

Where are you now? 

I am currently enjoying having a few months off studying, just working and preparing myself for February when I commence the Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management). 

What made you decide to continue studying and go on to the Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management) with Torrens?

I really loved learning and studying the content in the diploma, and only being so young I still wasn’t 100% sure what exactly I wanted to do and there was still so much more I wanted to learn about the industry. All I know is that I want to combine my love for business and travel and create a successful career out of it, so continuing to complete the Bachelor is the best option for me. 

What would your advice be to other people looking to apply for the Diploma?

Go to an information session, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the course and you’ll know whether or not this course is right for you as soon as the session is finished.

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